Author: Sharon Butler

Illana Savdie
Group Shows

Examining queer @ Yale University

Contributed by Rachel Farber / What is a queer perspective? How does queerness meet form? Students at the Yale School of Art,  Loren Britton and Res, began asking these questions after seeing the student-run exhibition ” Video Mixer,” curated by Allyn Hughes & Jody Joyner, in 2015. Their conversation precipitated […]


Quick study

Links to the story about the art history professor who is charged with forgery and her difficulties in the Franklin Pierce art department (lawsuits, etc.), the decline in MFA applicants, and a new book about painting from David Salle.

Leslie Roberts, detail
Solo Shows

Marjorie Welish on Leslie Roberts at Minus Space

Contributed by Marjorie Welish / American artists may over-esteem the vernacular as the only true democratic mode. But occasionally a vernacular mythopoesis really inspires a good body of art. Leslie Roberts is a scavenger of found lexicons�code-able idioms in daily use on commonplace themes. From such source data she transcribes letters into colored graphic […]


Elise Ferguson: Courting imperfection

In order to fully apprehend Elise Ferguson’s sensational new paintings, viewers must make a trip to Greenpoint this weekend; looking at JPEGs just won’t do. Crafted from pigmented plaster on MDF panels, Ferguson’s work, which she begins with images drawn on the computer, has the flat, porous surface of a […]


Joan Semmel: A woman’s body

Donald Trump has made women’s bodies a central campaign issue during the 2016 presidential election. In a speech in New Hampshire today, Michelle Obama responded to Trump’s behavior: The shameful comments about our bodies, the disrespect of our ambitions and intellect, the belief that you can do anything you want […]

Karen Pence Painting

Karen Pence is a painter

Contributed by Sharon Butler / Yes, Indiana’s First Lady Karen Pence likes to paint. Pence told the Indy Star that she studied art at Butler, where she majored in teaching and minored in art. “I thought, gosh, ‘I’d like to learn more about art.’ I pulled it out of the […]

Peter Soriano

Update: Peter Soriano’s observations

Readers may recall that last May I held a public conversation with Peter Soriano on the occasion of his installation, �Permanent Maintenance� at the Colby College Museum of Art. Hosted by Skowhegan, we talked about Soriano�s process and the site-specific piece at Colby, which was inspired by the campus grounds […]

Ryan Wallace

The act of making: Ryan Wallace at Susan Inglett

Ryan Wallace’s paintings are shaggy collages, pieced together from canvas strips, screens, tiles, metallic tapes, and found objects. His new work, on view at Susan Inglett through October 15, features the odd shapes of the light refractions that appear on the walls. By tracing the luminescence, and turning the shapes […]