Author: Sharon Butler

Catalogue Essay

New geometries: Embracing narrative and content

Contributed by Sharon Butler / Zombie Formalism–innocuous abstraction employing a pastiche of art-historical references and made to fulfill undiscriminating art market demand–has given abstract painting a bad name. Alex Baker offers a vibrant remedy. At Fleischer/Ollman in Philadelphia, where he is gallery director, Baker has curated “New Geometries,” a fine […]

Sue Post (detail)

Sue Post: Intuitively chosen constraints

Contributed by Franklin Einspruch / Among several of my quixotic projects is to farm a heretofore neglected front yard for vegetables. It is, as they say, a work in progress. I am in charge of this project, and yet I am not. Much depends on my scant knowledge, my incomplete […]


Quick study

This edition includes links to upcoming Open Studio dates, Clyfford Still’s pastels, the Miami art fair participant lists, Thornton Willis upstate, the gold toilet at the Guggenheim, the resurrection of Ginzel’s much-loved List, a review of Molly Crabapple’s show at Postmasters, George Bush’s new painting project, and more.

Film & Television

Art and film: Bruce Conner, escape artist

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / Evident in the transfixing Bruce Conner retrospective �Bruce Conner: It�s All True� at MoMA is a probing eye that seeks out departure of one kind or another. Eclectic and countercultural, his rather Rauschenbergian arc reflects the artist�s energetic and sometimes unsubtle insistence on embracing the […]


Gregory Amenoff: Inside and Out

Contributed by Stephen Westfall / American abstraction was born in the landscape. Arthur Dove and Georgia O�Keeffe seem to have got there before anyone else, trailing plowed fields, banks of clouds, and zigzag lightning bolts into visual rhythms that verge onto geometric patterning without losing touch with a dream-like memory […]

Andrew Witkin, Atlas Discussion #162

Contributed by Jeff Bergman / This conversation with Andrew Witkin took place via email after his 2016 exhibition at�Theodore Art in Bushwick. �It has been edited into seven sections, at times to make it a better interview, at times to develop themes that came up in the original emails, and […]


Painting: Fall preview Manhattan edition

YES: Galleries are presenting a slew of good painting exhibitions this season. The most obvious trend seems to be the continued move away from abstraction toward representational approaches–with still life and figurative work dominating. Here’s a list of the shows I’m looking forward to seeing, with links in case readers […]