THE TWO COATS OF PAINT RESIDENCY PROGRAM / Over the years, intimate, artist-run residency programs have helped move artists’ work forward in unexpected ways. In 2015, grateful for the residency experiences she had at Peter Dudek’s Bascom Lodge , Austin Thomas’s Pocket Utopia, Helen Chellin’s Red Cinder Creativity Center, and Simon Draper’s Habitat for Artists, Sharon Butler introduced an artist residency at Two Coats of Paints’ HQ in Brooklyn. The residency program’s goal is simply to provide a short-term space (up to one week) where artists based outside the NYC area can hang work and have studio visits with curators, other artists, and gallerists. For the time being, because space is extremely limited, the residency is by nomination and invitation only.

Gyan Shrosbree Residency, Open Studio, October 2017


Deborah Zlotsky, Albany County, NY. November 2022
Afarin Rahmanifar, Eastern Connecticut State University, Willimantic, CT, May 2022
Monika Sosnowski, Yonkers, NY, December 2019
Peter Dudek, North Adams, MA, December 2019
Nancy Evans, Los Angeles, CA, October 2018
Craig Stockwell, Keene, NH, May 2018
Julie Wolfe, Washington, DC, April 2017
Jim Shrosbree, Fairfield, Iowa, March, 2017
Gyan Shrosbree, Fairfield, Iowa, October 2017, February 2016
Marie Thibeault, Los Angeles, California, September 2016
Danielle Mysliwiec, Washington, D.C., April 2016
Peter Scherrer, Bellingham, Washington, March 2016
Sue McNally, Rhode Island, October 2015
Nancy Morrow, Kansas, September 2015
Erin Wiersma, Kansas, December 2017, June 2015