Author: Sharon Butler


Studio visit with Kate Liebman

Contributed by Debbi Kenote / �I see myself as a figure painter,� �Kate Liebman�tells me�as I sit in her Bushwick studio, where the floor is covered with dirty paint tubes and reckless spatter. She walks�me through her process and�sources, touching on topics like�distance, viewer insight, and political responsibility.�One of the�sources�for […]


Rebecca Morris: Loving the unbeautiful

Rebecca Morris likes to compartmentalize. Her paintings, smartly�installed�at Mary Boone’s Fifth�Avenue location through February 25, feature symmetrically placed geometric shapes, sometimes collaged onto the surfaces of the large-scale canvases. Each of the shapes, large squares or�circles,�is divided�into numerous smaller shapes�that have been casually�filled with improvised patterns, line, and brushwork. Morris’s […]


Quick study

This week: Resistance activities, some Blouin Artinfo gossip, RIP John Berger, two art historians try to stop a museum from sending a�painting to the Trump Inauguration, Carroll Dunham on Kerry James Marshall, openings in Chelsea tonight, and Paul D’Agostino asks artists which��exhibitions they’re�eager to see.


Art and Film: Pablo Neruda and the triumph of art

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / With Donald Trump�s victory in the presidential election, the principled advancement of civilization as the goal of politics seemed to give way to the venal aggrandizement of the clique. It�s a grim setback, but the story of the Nobel Prize-winning Chilean poet and politician Pablo […]


Recommended: Ongoing and upcoming exhibitions

In the unrelenting year-end swirl of grading, final reviews, impending global�upheaval, and extra holiday-related chores, you�probably�have a�nagging feeling�that you’ve missed some�good shows. And�perhaps you’re wondering about the exhibitions�that are�opening in January. For me, the antidote is putting�together a list of exhibitions, checking out�some work, either online or IRL, and getting�my […]


Quick Study

The 2016-you’re-killing-me edition: Paul D’Agostino’s art round up at Brooklyn Magazine,�Ivanka’s art collection (and�Playboy bunny style), heartbreaking story about�opioid addiction, and an update on�the�$50�Stock Club for Artists.


Art and Film: Damien Chazelle comes of age in La La Land

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson /�Whiplash, Damien Chazelle�s remarkably assured and incendiary second feature from 2014, made the case that artistic accomplishment was predominantly a cloistered process of Darwinian nastiness, redeemed only in an evanescent performance that the artist must keep repeating to make good on his dark investment. The final […]

Stallone NEA

RUMOR: Painter Sylvester Stallone to head NEA

Rumors are circulating that the Trump organization might be�thinking about appointing�Sylvester Stallone to head the�National Endowment for the Arts. Most�of us know that Stallone�is an actor (Yo, Adrian), but few realize that he also identifies as�a painter and is represented by Galerie Gmurzynska,�a Swiss gallery that�specializes in Russian avant-garde, modern […]

Cy Twombly

Cy Twombly, emotional content, at Centre Pompidou

I was lucky to have�a chance to stop by�the compelling�Cy Twombly retrospective�at Centre Pompidou in Paris earlier this month. Spanning Twombly’s�entire career, the exhibition comprises�three major series: “Nine Discourses on Commodus”�(1963), “Fifty Days at Iliam”�(1978), and “Coronation of Sesostris”�(2000). I’ve always been drawn to Twombly’s drawing, sensual surfaces, and mastery […]

Sharon Butler at Pulse

Invitations: Miami and Paris

I have two shows opening this week: A�solo show�(S-105)�curated by Robert Yoder/SEASON at the PULSE Contemporary Art Fair�and the Paris iteration of ��Deux C�t�s / Two Sides,� at�Galerie Jean Fournier.��This exhibition is the second�of a two-part collaboration, presented with �Theodore:Art�in Brooklyn. If you are in either neighborhood, I hope you […]