Author: Sharon Butler


Pius Fox: Visual echo

Contributed by Mira Dayal / Pastel balloons pregnant with helium shimmer in front of angular shadows cast from unseen objects in a photograph of a small room. In a nearby painting, these shapes morph into colorful arcs and elbows that playfully mimic the photograph’s composition. The candid titling of the […]

Shirley Jaffe

Thank you, Shirley

The following text�is Raphael Rubinstein‘s�moving remembrance of �Shirley Jaffe,�which he�read during the�October memorial service for Jaffe�at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. The images are courtesy of Tibor de Nagy, Jaffe’s NYC gallery.

Two Coats of Paint mug

Our Year-End Fundraising Drive: How you can help

Two Coats of Paint�began publishing in 2007, and this past year we saw tremendous growth�thanks to tax-deductible contributions�from more than 200�readers, support from new advertisers, and a generous follow-up grant from the�Creative Capital �/ �Andy Warhol Foundation Arts Writing Program.�Your funding enabled us�to�redesign the site, overhaul the antiquated Blogger code, […]

David Salle

Reading David Salle

Contributed by Rob Kaiser-Schlatzlein / David Salle, in the 1980s an enfant terrible of painting, has published�How to See,�a collection of essays on art and artists written over the course of some�thirty years. While many people do not know Salle as a writer, recently he has had�a regular column in […]

Lily Gladstone

Art and Film: Kelly Reichardt�s stoic women

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / Kelly Reichardt�s unostentatiously virtuosic Certain Women, based on Maile Meloy�s short stories, depicts hardscrabble Montana in angular austerity, with the simple lines of mountains and fences and utilitarian buildings, in the subdued colors of impending snow, through iterations of circumstances that illuminate foibles and strengths. […]

Suzanne Joelson

Suzanne Joelson: How things change

In Suzanne Joelson‘s confrontational new paintings the conflicting forces of order and disruption animate a lively hash of vinyl photographic banners, paint, patterning, hollow-core wood panels, broken bits of debris, fabrics, geometric sequencing, and idiosyncratic markmaking. On the occasion of her solo show Studio 10 in Bushwick, Joelson met with […]

Illana Savdie
Group Shows

Examining queer @ Yale University

Contributed by Rachel Farber / What is a queer perspective? How does queerness meet form? Students at the Yale School of Art,  Loren Britton and Res, began asking these questions after seeing the student-run exhibition ” Video Mixer,” curated by Allyn Hughes & Jody Joyner, in 2015. Their conversation precipitated […]