Help a blogger: Take a survey that will lead to more support for online arts writing

I know, I know–everyone is always asking us to take surveys, but Two Coats of Paint needs your help. In order to better understand you, the audience, I’m running a short 2-minute reader survey with my advertising partner Nectar Ads. The information will help us understand who visits the site, which may lead to better, more useful advertising that will support online arts writing here and at other great sites like Big Red & Shiny,   RhizomeArtFCity and Hyperallergic.

I swear the survey is completely anonymous and we won’t be collecting or sharing any personal information about individuals. And it only takes 2 minutes!  I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

Click Here to Start the Survey

(…and if you or anyone you know may be interested in advertising on the Nectar Ads Art Network, please get in touch.)


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