When the personal infiltrates the formal

Todd Chilton, “Ramps and Flags,” 2011; oil paint on linen; 25 x 23�

Is it too late to continue with the Fall Preview posts? Here’s another show I wanted to point out. 

“Hard edge abstraction seemed to be the one to take a look at as it�s probably the most ubiquitous and the one that tends to get the most formal. I tend not to be so into formal and prefer when the formal is infiltrated by the personal. That is when abstraction sings to me. How the artist leaks the personal into the formal is the magic of what artists are.”

—Excerpt from the curator’s statement
Cary Smith, “Juggernaut,” 2011; oil paint, wax on canvas; 50 x 50�

Nancy Shaver, “The Aunts: Lucille, Helen and Ruth,” 2011; wood, fabric, Flashe acrylic paint,
house paint; 11 x 10.5 x 3� 
Ann Pibal, “RNKT,” 2010; acrylic paint on aluminum panel; 11.75 x 16.25�

SELF REFERRAL NON OBJECTIVE,” Feature, Inc. New York, NY. Through October 1, 2011. Artists include Ann Pibal,Todd Chilton, Douglas Melini, Nancy Shaver, Cary Smith, Richard Rezac and Andrew Masullo.

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