Beth Urdang reopens in Boston

Olga Antonova, “Blue Striped Teapot,” 24×24″

Olga Antonova, “White Cup Composition with One Yellow,” 24×24 inches

Beth Urdang, believing the worst is over, has reopened her gallery on Newbury Street in Boston. In the Boston Globe, Cate McQuaid reports that Urdang’s first show includes Olga Antonova�s exquisitely rendered still life paintings. “Olga Antonova�s still life paintings explore pattern, design, and the reflective power of porcelain. In ‘Cup Pyramid on Turquoise,�’ a haphazard stack of teacups may look like a jumble, but Antonova artfully conveys the delicacy and character of each one. A tall, lavender, cylindrical cup sits at the top, a shaft of light shining on it. It looks a bit like a flower�s stamen, with the rest of the cups forming graceful, if varied, petals around it.”

Olga Antonova: Recent paintings,” Beth Urdang, Boston, MA. Through February 10, 2010.

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