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Paul D’Agostino, “Scripted Formalities,” Life on Mars, February 2016.

The 2016-you’re-killing-me edition: Paul D’Agostino’s art round up at Brooklyn Magazine,�Ivanka’s art collection (and�Playboy bunny style), heartbreaking story about�opioid addiction, and an update on�the�$50�Stock Club for Artists.

Despite so many good experiences earlier this year, I�have a keen urge to�forget 2016, but�Paul D’Agostino points out in his year-end review at Brooklyn Magazine, that not everything sucked. Check out his�memories, both good and bad, in “Salves & Salvos: 2016 Art Highlights.”�Thanks, Paul, for visiting so many exhibitions, (especially my show in Brooklyn) this past year. We really liked�your show�at Life on Mars,�too.

I grabbed this image from Dear_Ivanka, an Instagram feed dedicated to making sure Ivanka knows how the opposition in the art world �feels about her father’s fascistic approach to governance.

At Bloomberg, James Tarmy takes a look at the art�on Ivanka Trump’s�Instagram feed and notes that many of the artists whose work is featured don’t want to be associated with the Trump brand. �I think there�s probably a lot more Republicans buying art than there are making it,��Bill Powers from Half Gallery points out.�Note that in one of the images, Invanka�is wearing black satin bunny ears and long black gloves. I’ve noticed that Playboy Bunny�style (and the associated misogyny and�marginalization) is�making a comeback.�Read more.

Jean-Michel Basquiat in his studio, 1985. Photograph � Lizzie Himmel. In 1988, Basquiat died of a heroin overdose in New York City.

Heartbreaking.�In New York Magazine Eric Levitz writes about the opioid epidemic, which sadly�seems to have�touched all of our lives:�”The opioid epidemic is a disaster with several authors. Economic stagnation may have played a role: Research by Angus Deaton and Anne Case found especially high rates of overdose among�non-college-educated whites�in economically disadvantaged regions of the country….Last weekend, the�Charleston�Gazette-Mail�revealed that, over a two-year period, out-of-state drug companies had shipped nearly 9 million hydrocodone pills to a single pharmacy in a West Virginia town with a population of 392 people.�” Read more.

Remember the $50 Stock Club for Artists I started in June? Thanks to the excitement over Team Trump’s�deregulation fantasies, the stock market is way up–and�the club has�seen a�20%�increase in our portfolio. Sigh. Listen to a podcast from The Economist about�what might happen in 2017.�But really, who knows? As we learned in 2016, anyfuckingthing is possible.

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