Twelve artists, 24 hours, one house

In Philadelphia Weekly, Steven Wells stops by My House Gallery during a 24-hour drawing marathon. “They�re working on a strip of paper taped to the wall. The highlight is what looks like a Viking being unexpectedly sodomized by the Grinch. There are also lots of cockroaches, courtesy of 23�year�old Hannah Heffner. They symbolize the ability to survive civilization, she says. But only after I kinda make her. Turns out artists desperately craving sleep can be made to say almost anything. Which is why sleep deprivation is the favorite torture technique of tyrants and terrorists everywhere. And why parents of newborn babies are always babbling idiots. …The art I can see looks great�one huge screwball fuck�off psycho�doodle�doo. It�s the Bayeux Tapestry recreated by Philly artists�some of them off their formerly suburban tits on sports supplements. ‘And change!’ says Alex. They all swap places to embellish or deface each other�s work. This is when the Viking gets a Grinch rooting him up his Scandinavian shitter.” Read more.

The Big Draw,� My House Gallery, Philadelphia, PA. Through April 19. The artists include Andrew Brehm, Aimee Christopher, Katie Elia, Hannah Heffner, Jim Grilli, Jenny Kanzler, Adam Oestreicher, Fernando Ramos, Nora Reneck�Rineheart, Hop Bryan Rice and David Staniunas.

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