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Gallery shows

Curated by Richard Tuttle?? Yes.

Contributed by Sharon Butler / Pallazzola, Johann Christian Reinhart�s etching posted above, shows the view over Lago Albano toward the convent of Sta. Maria ad Nives di Palazzolo, and, in the distance, the Monto Cavo, the ancient site of a temple of Jupiter. Like all of Reinhardt’s beautiful etchings on […]


“Artists have to chart their own path”

At Art21, Hrag talks to Austin Thomas about making art, being an artist, and her latest project, Art Stumbles. “After completing Pocket Utopia, a 2-year, community-based salon project in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bushwick, I�ve started organizing art walking tours called Art Stumbles. These tours offer up food for thought, […]


So long Pocket Utopia

Today is my last day of the residency, and Pocket Utopia’s last day at 1037 Flushing Avenue, too. When Austin Thomas opened the space in 2007 as part of her social-space-creating art practice, her commitment to the project was for a two-year period, and now the time is up. As […]


Pocket Utopia’s final edition

Adam Simon, Breach, 2009, 5 � 7 inches, acrylic on mylar, Edition of Ten. Courtesy of PU Press. This Thursday, July 16, 6-9 pm, stop by “Business Edition,” a one-night exhibition of artist-produced editions and prints, and a selection from the recently inaugurated Kris Graves Projects – Pocket Utopia Flatfile […]


A weekend in Bushwick

Don’t forget that this weekend is Bushwick Open Studios, with performances and parties in every nook and cranny. On Sunday afternoon, look for me lurking at Pocket Utopia which has just mounted the final show before the gallery closes at the end of July. Since the Open Studios event started […]


New flatfile project grows in Brooklyn

Kris Graves Projects and Pocket Utopia are teaming up to create new a works-on-paper flatfile project in Brooklyn. The flatfile, which will be on view at +KGP as of tomorrow, will include work by 20 artists: Hildur �sgeirsd�ttir J�nsson, Michele Araujo, Tamar Cohen, Anna Collette, Guy Corriero, Jed Devine, Libby […]


January Residency at Pocket Utopia

I spent the week-long residency exploring the point where words and images intersect in my work. On Sunday, January 18, Austin Thomas and I led a think tank/salon where we talked about the meaning of Obamart, art blogging and world-making. Both the residency and the salon have provided plenty of […]