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Residency at Pocket Utopia this week, Habitat for Artists goes indoors

I’ll be setting up shop at Pocket Utopia in Bushwick this week if anyone wants to stop by. Here are the topics I’d like to discuss: politics in art (health care? environment? race? Did you read The Atlantic this month?), building communities with Wikipedia (warning: this is my new obsession. Read the article on Wiki-government in Democracy’s 2008 winter issue), and the use of experimental writing in art and literature. I’ve got a new sublet overlooking Orchard Street on the LES where, besides visiting all the galleries, I’m looking forward to trying the 11% beer at Spitzers and checking out the fabric stores.

On Saturday, January 17, there’s an opening in Beacon, NY, at the Van Brunt Gallery for the Habitat for Artists residents. Mastermind Simon Draper is bringing the HFA project indoors for the month. Collaborators include Chris Albert, Richard Bruce, Sharon Butler, Ryan Cronin, Kathy Feighery, Marnie Hillsley, Matthew Kinney, Grace Knowlton, Sara Mussen, Steven Rossi, Matthew Slaats, Lynn Stein, Dar Williams, Grey Zeien and Donald Kimmel and the Flying Swine Live Theater. Participating artists will create work in the gallery and invite visitors, students and other artists to collaborate and participate in the process.

This open studio/workspace/habitat will provide the public with access to understanding the artists� creative process and will function to blur the boundaries between artist and viewer. The aim is to engage the public and provoke dialogue not normally associated with traditional gallery exhibitions. I wrote about my summer Habitat For Artists experience here.

On Sunday, January 18, don’t forget that Austin Thomas and I are planning a Pocket Utopia salon at 4pm, to discuss art making, art blogging and world-making. See you there.

Update: A short report on the residency and salon at Pocket Utopia.

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  1. Wow you’ve got it all planned Sharon!

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