Art Blogger Think Tank on January 18 in Brooklyn, NY

Austin Thomas and I are planning to have a Blogger Conference/Think Tank/Pre-Inauguration Party at Pocket Utopia (Brooklyn, NY) on Sunday, January 18 at 4pm. Bloggers: Save the date, and please post it on your blogs. With the long-awaited changing of the guard, we have plenty to discuss. Will the despondent installations of the Bush years and the starry-eyed images of “Obamart” give way to, well, something new that reflects both the indelible optimism of the moment and the undeniable challenges of the years to come? Let’s prognosticate. Stay tuned for more details.

Update (January 20, 2009): Check out my short report on the conference.


  1. Awesome!

    I’ll save the date, and post it on my blog at least twice. Great idea. Let me know if you need help–I can make the punch or whatever.

  2. Hey Deborah! Great, glad you can go. Winkleman, ArtVent, Mattera, Hrag,AFC Paddy, Bloggy are planning to go, too. Tyler says he’s doing the Inaugural in DC that weekend,but maybe he’s just sick of NYC…?


  3. We’ll be at the gallery that afternoon, but look forward to hearing how it goes!

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