A weekend in Bushwick

Don’t forget that this weekend is Bushwick Open Studios, with performances and parties in every nook and cranny. On Sunday afternoon, look for me lurking at Pocket Utopia which has just mounted the final show before the gallery closes at the end of July. Since the Open Studios event started in 2007, the number of artists participating has tripled. �It�s just such a cool community because anything is possible,� said Deborah Brown, an artist who has been involved with Open Studios since it began. Three years ago Brown bought a vacant factory in Bushwick and converted it to a workspace. Though she lives in Manhattan, she spends most of her time in Bushwick; she sits on the community board, draws inspiration from the industrial landscape and even found her dog, Troutman, there � on Troutman Street. �Bushwick,” she said, �takes over your whole consciousness.� (via Melena Ryzik NY Times)

If you’re up for mimosas on Saturday morning, check out Norte Maar at 11 am. The exhibition, “DRAW: Vasari Revisited or a Sparring of Contemporary Thought,” brings together a tight selection of works by painters and sculptors, architects and designers, choreographers and composers both past and present and “offers insight into modes of seeing and thinking, experiments in imagination, and the direct expression of original thought.”

Who needs Venice? Don’t forget to check out the 2009 Bushwick Biennial, a collaborative exhibition of Bushwick-area artists hosted by NURTUREart, Pocket Utopia, English Kills, and Grace Exhibition Space.

Note to artists: If you’re an artist who’s participating in the BOS, feel free to post a link to your website in the Comments section.

Bushwick Open Studios, Friday through Sunday; most artists� studios will be open from noon to 7 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. The schedule of events is at artsinbushwick.org.


  1. There is also a show tonight (Friday) "Fortress of Solitude" @ 56 Bogart St Suite 211. Here is the website for more info. http://fortresstosolitude.com/nav.html

  2. You can check out my friend Matt Jones at 505 Johnson. He has some awesome work coming forth… particularly with the new space paintings… http://www.jonesmatt.com for more information.

  3. Kim Holleman here. Have work in the Bushwick Biennial at Nurture Art. 910 Grand Street. Don't forget to go inside the park inside the trailer-parked out front!


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