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Studio update: January Residency at Pocket Utopia

My posts always start with circle charts.

Contributed by Sharon Butler / I spent the week-long residency creating circle charts, which represent the point in my work where words and images intersect. On Sunday, January 18, Austin and I led a think tank/salon where we talked about the meaning of Obamart, art blogging and world-making. The experiences yielded plenty of raw material for both new paintings and new writing projects. Thanks everyone for venturing out on a snowy Sunday evening to participate in the salon discussion, and also for stopping by to say hello throughout the week.

Taking notes during the conversation.

Bloggers at the salon included (in no particular order) Hrag Vartanian, Stephanie Lee Jackson, Matthew Langley, Paddy Johnson, Kai Vierstra, Adam Simon, Lars Swan, Carolina Miranda, Barry Hoggard, James Wagner, Chris Albert, Gordon Fraser, and Martin Bromirski. If you didn’t get a chance to introduce yourself, add a link to your blog in the Comments section. A full report on the salon discussion is available in the February issue of The Brooklyn Rail. And let’s rejoice that in less than an hour we’ll finally, at long last, have a creative, brilliantly competent, articulate President. A President who understands the importance of words. Image above: “Circle Chart Study,” 9.5″ x 12,” Sharpie pen and pigmented shellac on wood panel. At right: Creating a rough circle chart of the discussion during the salon (image via Hrag).

Pocket Utopia, located at 1037 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, is a relational exhibition, salon and social space run by artist Austin Thomas. Work by Kay Thomas, Elissa Levy, and Bjoern Meyer-Ebrecht is on view through February 15.

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  1. Sharon,
    My name is Bill Riley , I came to the discussion and I enjoyed it very much. I have a blog at The feeling I got after digesting what was said is that art is medicinal and sometimes artists forget,being Americans we think it’s commerce or self aggrandisement. If there is no arts the dreams of the society go unexpressed and there is no point to endure all the pain of survival.
    So,thanks I wouldn’t have seen that so clearly without the discussion, Bill

  2. Sharon,
    My name is Bill Riley,I attended the
    artblog discussion Sun. I have a blog at
    Thanks i enjoyed it,

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