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IRL: DUMBO Open Studios in 2022

Contributed by Sharon Butler / On Saturday, April 23, and Sunday, April 24, from 12–6pm, DUMBO artists and arts organizations will open their studios to the public for the first time since 2019, after which DUMBO Open Studios went online due to Covid. The art community here (Two Coats HQ is in the neighborhood) is distinct from others in New York because several prestigious residency programs call DUMBO home. In addition, subsidized rents (Two Coats is a grateful beneficiary of the Two Trees Cultural Space Subsidy Program) make the neighborhood affordable for a diverse cohort of talented artists, both emerging and mid-career. Regardless of the artists’ stature or status, most studios will be open. 

Solo Shows

Claire Seidl: Unbounded in time

Contributed by Tom McGlynn / Claire Seidl’s contemplative works are closely aligned with the Abstract Expressionist/Existentialist ideal whereby the painter must be eminently present in order to access and transmit the sincerity of experience. Her paintings are not history bound, however, but rooted in the perennial quest for a very personal gesture unbounded.


Interview with Taras Polataiko, an artist who returned to Ukraine, part 2

Contributed by Julia Kunin / Like most Americans, I have been distressed by the news coming out of Ukraine. I spoke with Ukrainian Canadian artist Taras Polataiko over a week ago, and as the war escalated, I wanted to check back and see how things were going. Taras and his girlfriend Violetta Oliinyk have gone to Ukraine to take care of family, raise funds for, and organize the delivery of medicine and protective gear to Kyiv’s citizen soldiers. I learned that Violetta�s father and two brothers are now fighting, too. This interview took place on March 14, which was the nineteenth day of the war. If you would like to make a donation to their effort, please message Taras on Facebook.

Solo Shows

The protean paintings of Zachary Keeting

Contributed by Jason Andrew / Whatever strategies an artist employs to express their art intellectual, psychological, or mythological it must be first and foremost visually striking. In his first solo exhibition in New York, painter Zachary Keeting clears a high bar with a stunning set of ten paintings, on view at Underdonk through March 27.

Solo Shows

Howard Smith: One brushstroke at a time

Contributed by Sharon Butler / Howard Smith’s understated paintings, on view at Jane Lombard Gallery, are created through a meticulous process of accumulation. Call the technique abstract pointillism. The surfaces are covered with small dots, dashes and brushstrokes, building loosely woven fields of color that sometimes form recognizable geometric shapes. The pieces in this show vary in size from one-inch to eight-feet wide, but the size of the marks remains the same. In most, the color at first glance appears monochromatic, but subtle variations within unified fields create illusions of light and shallow space. In his most recent paintings, the smallest flecks of color are innovatively contrasted with larger dots of different colors. Smith has spent years working in this way. It must be intensely hermetic and time-consuming, but it seems to have been rewarding.

Solo Shows

David Diao: Deconstructing Modernism

Contributed by Sharon Butler / What conceptual painter hasn�t looked at an Ikea how-to diagram and at least fleetingly thought it would make a fine subject for a painting? David Diao has gone farther, deconstructing a Gerrit Rietveld chair and using the shapes and colors as the subjects for a new series of paintings, on view at Postmasters through March 12.