Two Coats Selected Gallery Guide: November 2018

Ping Zheng @ Kristin Lorello (LES)

Contributed by Sharon Butler / Update (November 11): I don�t know about you, but I feel a tremendous burden has been lifted thanks to the Beautiful Blue Wave on Tuesday. Thanks for voting, thanks for canvasing, and special thanks to readers in NY-19 and throughout New Jersey who booted the GOP out of office. Hello November! Here are some galleries we recommend visiting this month. Note that the list will be updated later in the month as new shows open. / Original post (November 5): DON�T MISS AN OPPORTUNITY TO TELL TRUMP TO GO FUCK HIMSELF POUND SAND:VOTE DEMOCRATIC ON TUESDAY NOVEMBER 6. And then, after you vote, while you’re waiting for the election results, head to the galleries and check out some of these (mostly) painting exhibitions. I�m looking forward to a beautiful blue tsunami.

NOTE: Galleries who would like their exhibitions considered for inclusion in the next Two Coats Selected Gallery Guide should send a note to Please include a few jpegs and exhibition info (Preferred format: name of gallery/ title of exhibition / address / dates of show). 


Greenpoint Hill / Jenn Dierdorf: Don’t Make a Scene / 100 Freeman Street, Brooklyn NY/ closes November 18
Kentler International Drawing Space/ Diogo Piment�o: Drawn Towards / 353 Van Brunt St., Brooklyn, NY / November 9 to December 16
Cathouse Proper  / James Hyde: Western Painting–Magnasco / 524 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY / closes November 11
Ortega y Gasset Projects / Spine, curated by Suzanne McClelland, with Cati Bestard, Lisa Blas, Sonia Louise Davis, Shoshana Dentz, Anne Eastman, Jenny Monick, Anne Vieux / 363 3rd Ave., Brooklyn, NY / closes December 2
A.I.R. Gallery/ Louise McCagg: Congregation/ 155 Plymouth St., Brooklyn, NY/ closes November 11
Minus Space/ Subvert City: John Beech, Sharon Brant, Vincent Como, Michelle Magot, Lael Marshall / 16 Main Street, Suite A, Brooklyn, NY/ closes December 22
Main Window / Anne Peabody, project curated by Beth Dary / 1 Main St, Brooklyn, NY / closes January 4
Platform Project Space / Seven Samurai, organized by Muskat-Knoll Productions  / 20 Jay St, #319, DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY / closes November 27
c2c Project Space / Sarah Thibault and Adams Puryear  /735 Greene Avenue #2B (at Marcus Garvey), Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, NY / closes November 10
Over Under Room / Matthew F. Fisher: Strange Light / 68 N 3rd Street, Downstairs, Brooklyn NY / closes November 18
Century Pitures/ A.R. Penck: Marks of Dissent / 1329 Willoughby Ave, Brooklyn, NY / closes January 5
Fisher Parrish Gallery/ HOMININ 3 � ? ? E: Eric Timothy Carlson / 238 Wilson Ave, Brooklyn, NY/ closes December 9
Honey Ramka/ Group Show: between days: Skye Gilkerson, Elizabeth McAlpine, Peter Mundwiler, Heather Rowe, Greg Smith, Lars van Dooren, Nikita Vishnevskiy, and Robert Yoder / 56 Bogart St., Brooklyn, NY / closes December 2
Robert Henry Contemporary / Richard Garrison: As Advertised / 56 Bogart St., Brooklyn, NY / closes December 21
Slag/ Dan Voinea: Blindscape and Adam Brent: Hyper Prismatic Mesh / 56 Bogart St., Brooklyn, NY / closes November 11
Studio 10/Glenn Goldberg: Beach and Quiet (a rest stop) / 56 Bogart St., Brooklyn, NY / November 9 to December 16
Theodore: Art / Michelle Vaughan: Bad Words and Good Snacks / 56 Bogart St, Brooklyn, NY / closes November 11
TSA: Tiger Strikes Asteroid/ Sarah Bednarek: ChiChi DooDad, curated by Rachael Gorchov /  1329 Willoughby Ave, #2A, Brooklyn, NY / closes  November 18
Underdonk / A Resonating Plane:  Keiko Narahashi and Justin Q Martin / 1329 Willoughby Ave, Brooklyn, NY / closes November 18
Spoonbill Studio / Guy Richards Smit / 99 Montrose Ave., Brooklyn, NY / closes December 4
Booklyn/ Group Show: Creative Advocacy in Print / 140 58th St. Building B- Suite 7G, Brooklyn Army Terminal, Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY/ November 17 to January 11


Mrs./ Elizabeth Atterbury: Night Comes In / 60-40 56th Dr, Maspeth, NY 11378 / November 17th to January 19

Anna Ostoya at Bortolami (Tribeca)

Tribeca and below

Postmasters/ NSFW: Ana Benaroya and Tina Lugo / 54 Franklin St, New York, NY / closes December 15
Kerry Schuss / Strange Attractors: The Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Art, Vol. 2: The Rings of Saturn; organized by Bob Nickas / 73 Leonard Street, New York, NY / closes November 10
Bortolami / Morgan Fisher: 6 x 6 x 6 x 2; Anna Ostoya  / 39 Walker Street, New York, NY / closes December 22

Heather Guertin at Brennan & Griffin (LES)
Denzil Hurley @ CANADA (LES)

Lower East Side

?1969 Gallery/Now you see it: Sharon Madanes, Zoe Nelson, Rebecca Ness, Dylan Vandenhoeck / 103 Allen St., New York, NY/ closes December 16
Brennan & Griffin (LES)/ Heather Guertin: Two Thousand Eighteen / 122 Norfolk Street, New York, NY / closes November 25
Bureau/ Christine Rebet: Thunderbird / 178 Norfolk St, New York, NY / closes December 16
Canada/ Within, Without and About: Denzil Hurley/ 333 Broome St, New York, NY/ closes  December 2
Derek Eller(LES) / Despina Stokou: White Lies / 300 Broome Street New York, NY / closes November 11
Downs and Ross/ Le feu des h�r�tiques : Alexandra Metcalf, Fabien Giraud & Rapha�l Siboni, Tyler Thacker, Tom Waring / 96 Bowery, 2nd Floor, New York, NY / closes  December 16
Equity Gallery/ Cadences: Beth Gilfilen and Molly Herman / 245 Broome St, New York, NY /closes  December 1
Fierman / Nora Griffin: Chartreuse / 127 Henry St, New York, NY / closes November 25
Freight + Volume/ Meg Lipke: The Woman in the Painting Has Left  / 97 Allen St, New York, NY / closes  November 25
Frosch & Portmann/ Seth Michael Forman: Remember to Recognize the Woods / 53 Stanton St., New York, NY/ closes November 25
James Fuentes / Didier William: Curtains, Stages, and Shadows, Act 1 / 55 Delancy St, New york, NY / closes November 24
Galerie Richard/ Who is Afraid of Colors? / 121 Orchard St, New York, NY / closes November 17
High Noon/ Daina Mattis: Vessels / 106 Eldridge St., New York, NY/ closes November 11
Kristen Lorello/ Ping Zheng: In the Sky / 195 Chrystie Street, Lobby, New York, NY / closes December 20
LMAKprojectsAfterlife: Zac Hacmon / 298 Grand St., New York, NY/ closes November 18
Magenta Plains/Anne Libby: Golden Door / 94 Allen St., New York, NY / closes December 16
McKenzie Fine Art / Maureen McQuillan: Offset Drift / 55 Orchard St., New York, NY/ closes November 11
Lyle O ReitzelGallery / Scott Daniel Ellison: Woodland Fables / 139 Eldridge Street, NY / closes December 2
Pierogi / Hugo Crosthwaite: Tijuana Bibles / 155 Suffolk St., New York, NY/ closes November 18
Sperone Westwater/ Peter Halley: Unseen Paintings: 1997 � 2002, From the Collection of Gian Enzo Sperone / 257 Bowery New York, NY/ closes December 22
Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects/ Sangram Majumdar: Offspring / 208 Forsyth St, New York, NY / closes November 11
Tibor de Nagy / Hildgur Asgeirsdottir Jonsson: Fossar/Waterfalls / 15 Rivington St, New York, NY / closes November 25

Scott Daniel Ellison @ Lyle O ReitzelGallery(LES)


Geary Contemporary / Ceyda Aykan / 185 Varick St., New York, NY / closes November 17
Peter Freeman, Inc./ Helen Mirra: Bones are Spaces / 140 Grand St, New York, NY / November 8 to December 22
Owen James Gallery & Brooke Alexander Inc. / The Thick Lines Between Here And There: Thai & Western abstraction; curated by Keith Schweitzer & Owen Houhoulis /59 Wooster St, 2nf floor, New York, NY /  closes December 8, 2018

Noho/East Village

The Hole / Jonathan Chapline: Material Memory and Misaki Kawai: Pinecone Times / 312 Bowery, New York, NY / closes November 11
Fortnight Institute / Raquel Albarran: Amputation Farm /  60 East 4th St, New York, NY / closes November 18
Karma / Dike Blair / 188 E 2nd St.,New York, NY/ closes December 21
Zurcher Gallery/ Kazuko Miyamoto / 33 Bleecker St., New York, NY / closes November 30

West Village

Grey Art Gallery at NYU/ NeoRealismo: The New Image in Italy, 1932�1960 / 100 Washington Square East, New York, NY / closes December 7
New York Studio School/ Known: Unknown, with Suzanne Caporael, Nanette Carter, Lisa Corinne Davis, Louise Fishman, Carrie Moyer, Dorothea Rockburne, Joan Snyder, Rita MacDonald, Heloisa Pomfret, Madhini Nirmal, Margery Mellman, Theresa Daddezio, Eva LeWitt, Cate White / 8 W 8th St., New York, NY / closes December 2


Michael Krebber @ Greene Naftali (Chelsea)
Melissa Meyer @ Lennon, Weinberg, Inc (Chelsea)


David Zwirner / Lisa Yuskavage: New Paintings / Both locations: 533 West 19th St. and 34 East 69th St, New York, NY / November 8 to December 15
ACA Galleries / Faith Ringgold: The ’70s / 529 W 20th St, New York, NY /closes  December 22
Elizabeth Harris/ Thornton Willis: Improvisational Structures / 529 W 20th St., New York, NY / closes December 22
Garth Greenan Gallery/ Al Loving: Space, Time, Light / 545 W 20th Street, New York, NY / closes December 21
Kathryn Markel Fine Arts/ Shaping: Steven Alexander, Jeff Conefry, Deb Covell, Russell Floersch, Suzanne Laura Kammin, Cecilia Vissers / 529 W 20th St., Suite 6W, New York, NY/ closes December 1
Gagosian (21st St) / Richard Prince: High Times / 522 W 21st St, New York, NY / closes December 15
Miles McEneryGallery / Beverly Fishman / 520 W 21st St, New York, NY / closes November 10
DC Moore Gallery / Eric Aho: Guide / 535 W 22nd St, New York, NY/ closes November 10
Sikkema Jenkins & Co./ Jeffrey Gibson: I am a rainbow too / 530 W 22nd St., New York, NY/ closes November 22
Anna Zorina / Didier William: Curtains, Stages, and Shadows, Act 2 / 533 West 23 St, New York, NY / closes November 24
Gagosian / Mark Grotjahn: New Capri, Capri, Free Capri / 555 W 24th St., New York, NY/ closes  December 22
Lisson Gallery (10th Ave) / Stanley Whitney: In The Color / W 24th St. New York, NY / closes December 21
Mary Boone Gallery/ Paintings, group show / 541 W 24th St., New York, NY / closes December 21
Fredericks & Freiser/ Jocelyn Hobbie: New Paintings / 536 W 24th St, New York, NY / closes December 22
Susan Inglett Gallery/ Ryan Wallace: Unlanding / 522 W 24th St, New York, NY / closes December 13
Cheim & Read/ Louise Bourgeois: Spiral / 547 W 25th St., New York, NY/ closes December 22
Lennon, Weinberg, Inc/ Melissa Meyer: New Paintings / 514 W 25th St., New York, NY/ closes December 22
Winston Wachter / Zaria Forman: Overview / 530 West 25th St, New York, NY / closes December 21
Greene Naftali (Ground Floor) / Michael Krebber / 508 W 26th St., New York, NY /closes December 15
Edward Thorp Gallery/ Jenny Snyder / 531 W 26th St, New York, NY / closes December 1
James Cohan/ Federico Herrero: Open Alphabet / 533 W 26th St., New York, NY/ closes December 21
Thomas Erben Gallery/ Harriet Korman: Permeable/Resistant: Recent Drawings and Paintings / 526 W 26th St, New York, NY / closes December 21
Crush Curatorial / Nicole Won Hee Maloof & Tammy Nguyen:  One Blue Eye, Two Servings/  526 West 26th St, Suite 709, New York, NY / closes November 10
Field Projects/ Hot Farce: Natalie Frank, Paul Gagner, Rebecca Morgan, Daniel Morowitz, GaHee Park, Anastasiya Tarasenko, Patricia Renee Thomas, curated by Kristen Racaniello / 526 W 26th Street, #807 New York, NY / closes  December 15
Morgan Lehman/ Louis Reith and Joanthan Ryan Storm: A Sax in the Attic / 526 West 26th Street, Suite 419, New York, NY/ closes November 10
Garvey|Simon / Melissa Stern: Strange Girls /  547 West 27 St, 2nd Floor, New York, NY / closes November 11
The Painting Center / Monique Johannet and Sue Post/ 547 West 27th St, Suite 500, New York, NY / closes November 24
Monya Rowe/ Laura Greengold: Spooky Action at a Distance / 224 West 30th  St, New York, NY / closes November 17

Harriet Korman @ Thomas Erben (Chelsea)

Upper East Side

Bookstein Projects/ Kikuo Saito: Works on Paper / 60 East 66th St., 3rd Floor, New York, NY/ closes December 22
Nahmad Contemporary/ Joan Mir�, David Hammons : (UN)COVERED / 980 Madison Ave., New York, NY / closes November 17
Petzel Gallery/ Sarah Morris, Midtown Paintings: 1998�2001 / 35 E 67th St., New York, NY / closes January 5
Skarstedt(Uptown) / KAWS: gone / 20 East 79th St, New York, NY / November 8 to December 19
Art + Leisure/ Becky Brown: The System is Down / 1571 Lexington Ave., New York, NY / closes November 25

Kikuo Saito @ Bookstein Projects (UES)

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