This weekend: Sluice_ 2015

Sluice , a alternative biennial art fair organized by artist Karl England, curator Charlie Levine, and educator Ben Street, is taking place alongside the Frieze Art Fair in London this weekend at Bargehouse on OXO Tower Wharf. Readers may remember that the Sluice_ team partnered with Centotto and Theodore:Art to bring Exchange Rates, an international collaborative art event, to Bushwick last fall. This year the Sluice 2015 program includes gallery exhibitions, salon conversations, daily performances, and films.

[Image above: Look for Gas Grill (Floodlight), one of my large unstretched paintings (so easy to carry!) hanging in the exhibition organized by SEASON, Robert Yoder’s Seattle gallery. (Image: Julia Gat)]

Lisa Beck, Philippe Richard, Alasdair Duncan, Juliette Losq and Sharon Butler (me)  hang in Bushwick-based Theodore:Art’s presentation, which also features new group of portraits by Oliver Wasow. (Image: Stephanie Theodore)

Yifat Gat’s Look & Listen gallery from Saint-Chamas, France, is presenting a slew of black and white artwork, gathered from around the globe. In this snap, Enrico Gomez documents the show. Gat also created a book called The Black & White Project to accompany the show.  (Image: Julia Gat)

Sluice_ talks: Discussing the old and the new (Image: @Sluice_).
 Saturation Point at Sluice_ 2015 preview. (Image: Marion Piper via) 

The roster includes an international mix of small, edgy commercial galleries and artist run spaces. If you’re visiting Frieze, don’t miss Sluice_. This is where the artists’ artists will be on display.

BLOC Projects; Sheffield, UK
Blackwater Polytechnic; Essex, UK
Caustic Coastal; Manchester, UK
Division of Labour; Worcester, UK
DOLPH; London
The Dorado Project; New York
Ech-O-Cham-Ber; Birmingham, UK
Day+Gluckman; London
Florence Trust; London
galleryELL; New York
Gallery North; Newcastle
Interview Room 11; Edinburgh
Islington Mill; Salford, UK
Lateral ArtSpace; Cluj, Romania
Look&Listen; Saint-Chamas, France
MADE; New York
PAPER Gallery; Manchester, UK
The Penthouse; Manchester, UK
QWERTY; Denmark
The Royal Standard; Liverpool, UK
Saturation Point; London
SEASON; Seattle, USA
Slate Projects; London
Square Art Projects; London
studio 1.1; London
Surface Arts; Bangkok, Thailand
studio 1.4; London
Studio One; London
Theodore:Art; New York
The Modern Language Experiment; London
Transition Gallery; London
Vacuous; London
Vane; Newcastle, UK

Sluice_, Bargehouse, OXO Tower Wharf, South Bank, London, UK. October 16-18, 2015, 11am-6pm.

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