Paris: A multiplicity of simple interactions

Today is the last day for Drawing Now in Paris, but “Emergence,” an elegant group exhibition of reductive abstract painting will be on view at H�tel de Sauroy through April 27.  Curators Katrin Bremermann, Erin Lawlor and Yifat Gat have assembled a handsome show featuring work by an international cohort of painters who invest fairly simple geometric markmaking with substantial complexity.

“In philosophy, systems theory, science, and art, emergence is the way complex systems and patterns arise out of a multiplicity of relatively simple interactions,” they write in the exhibition statement. “Emergence is central to the theories of integrative levels and of complex systems.”

The impressive roster includes Eve Aschheim, A.T Biltereyst, Katrin
Bremermann, Sharon Butler, Claire Chesnier, Clem Crosby, Fieroza
Doorsen, Amy Feldman,
Yifat Gat, Kevin Monot, Erin Lawlor, Paul Pagk, Marine Pages, Andrew
Seto, Radu Tuian, Richard Van der Aa, Don Voisine, and Michael Voss. I’m
pleased to be in such esteemed company.

Here are some installation snaps:

 Marine Pages (detail)

Emergence,” H�tel de Sauroy, 58, rue Charlot, 75003 Paris. Through April 27, 2013. Contact info: Fran�oise Caille, francoisecaille@wanadoo.fr, Tel: 06 15 59 13 74. Visit the “Emergence” website for links to the artist’s pages.


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  1. I have a constant internal back and forth with abstract art, specifically abstract painting. the main argument for me is that a lot of the abstract work currently being made is indefensible. it's often a poor rehash of either tired expressionist work. which is historically lovely but irrelevant beyond something nice on your wall, or intellectually void, with no social context. the 'back' to this 'forth' would be that there are abstract artists today that are making interesting work. paintings that break with the past, establish new parameters and create new subjects to discuss. This show looks exciting. the work here for me fits the later of my internal conflict. Some pieces wouldn't effect more than a passing glance but others look quiet engaging. Well as engaging as a laptop online perusal can elicit, and to be honest I have seen many a work that fair much better viewed on a computer than in a physical presence. I enjoy at times the deconstruction dialogue created by reductionist or minimalist (is this a redundant form as well?) painting.
    a side note, not sure what I think of a show title description taken from Wikipedia. I suppose if it was cited it would be fine.
    I would truly enjoy seeing this show in person. Will have to find something over here to satisfy the craving for new interesting work.

  2. I really love and am engaged myself with this "new" abstraction.
    iTs process and paint driven, a search for a diffferent way to create beauty, that owes alot to Antonio Tapies,Bill Jensen, Louis Fishman,my heroes of this work for me..raw ,spontaneous,intuitive.
    My own work focus is on the visual seperations of Picture/Painting-Object (see

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