Bushwick Open Studios: Outliers

This year Bushwick Open Studios features the usual mega-studio buildings, gallery exhibitions, and an upstart art fair, all worthy of exploration. But some viewers might favor the more adventurous approach of selecting smaller locations with fewer artists. Here are a few recommendations for visitors who are more interested in outliers–artists whose studios aren’t in the main locations, who probably won’t see as much foot traffic, and who will thus be able devote special attention to visitors curious about their work.

Jasper Goodrich
1002 Bushwick Ave, Apt. 1A
“I began by casting pictures in iron. Now I am sculpting pictures. This has led me to explorations in painting, drawing, and printmaking. I am now applying the conceptual techniques of casting to photography.” Image above: Jasper Goodrich, Half Picture: Wicker/Charcoal, cast iron, paint, charcoal, 21 x 17 inches.

Tree House
Bohemian Grove, 64 Grove Street
“A forest. Sounds, paintings, constructions, and performances throughout the weekend.  Featuring work by Jen Plaskowitz, Rebecca Richards, Cameron Stuart, Lily Chambers, Bradley Bailey, Dan Goldberg, Dean Cercone, Colin Griffin, Forrest Gray, Stewart Losee, Matt Maichel, and Mike D. Sound and performance dance in the forest at this stop on the Map of Dreams.  Live painting and Tarot reading on site.”

 Kerry Law

Sandra Koponen

Artists at 63 Woodward Avenue
Kerry Law (painting)
Nick Van Zanten (sculpture)
Sandra Koponen (painting)

Grace Moon, Portrait Project
210 Cook Street, # 311
“Every year I shoot free portrait photos for anyone who visits my studio. The photos are posted for folks to use for whatever they want and some of the photos become paintings. You can view previous #BOS photo shoots here.”

Wendy Klemperer
181 Varet Street
“Sculpture garden outdoors, large studio indoors. Sculptures and work on paper by Wendy Klemperer with additional work by Michael Ballou and Marina Litvinskaya”

Ayane Kurai
95 Starr Street

I am a human first
I happen to be a painter and japanese born
To display life,
and to develop a Big heart
are the most important techniques and goals for me.
I believe
that my paintings follow me and grow
with me
�just because
painting is the voice of my soul.

 Ethan Boisvert

Ethan Boisvert
Neighborhood Liquor Store @ 679 Knickerbocker Ave.

“I will be showing new work at the Neighborhood Liquor Store on Knickerbocker. Saturday and Sunday will be subject to change.”

Note to all the artists who participated in Bushwick Open Studios, but didn’t add images or links to their studio websites on their BOS profile pages: You’ve missed a fantastic opportunity to reach out to the larger community. I hope you get it together next year!


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