The James Kalm Report: Painting in Bushwick

“As a longtime practitioner of painting, James Kalm has seen its fortunes rise and fall with the seasons. No sooner than it�s pronounced dead than, some new iteration manifests and the whole debate begins again. Trends like “Zombie Formalism”, “Flipper Art”, “Crap on Crap” and the “New Casualism” have attracted critical attention and even sectors of the market. However, despite all the theoretical rhetoric regarding the current state of painting, there remains one constant; one individual imprinting their “mark” on a surface. This tour of painting shows [posted below] in Bushwick provides a provisional survey of recent work, not only from Bushwick, New York, but the world beyond.”–Loren Munk [Image: detail of an Oskar Nilsson painting @Interstate]

Note: A new gallery building is opening in Bushwick at 1329 Willoughby Avenue. Tiger Strikes Asterroid, Microscope, and Rob de Oude, one of the guys from Parallel Art Space are involved. Read about it on Hyperallergic.


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