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Richard Tuttle sees the light

Contributed by Sharon Butler / Richard Tuttle, who has lived in New Mexico since the late 1980s, recently got an expansive new studio on Mount Desert Island in Maine. Exchanging mesa views for a perch on the ocean, at the very edge of a country on the verge of a […]

Solo Shows

Dona Nelson: Exuberant overworking as a strategy

Contributed by Sharon Butler / Dona Nelson says she�s lazy because sometimes she would rather read a book than work in the studio. But �Stand Alone Paintings,� a recent mini-retrospective at Skidmore�s Tang Teaching Museum that includes thirty pieces ranging from the 1980s to the present, revealed an artist who is […]

Brian Belott

Quick study

LINKS:�Casualism in Puerto Rico, Kurt Cobain�s paintings, legislation to ease student loan debt for artists, an interview with Brian Belott, artists recommend books, Tatiana Berg picks shows in London, Saul Ostrow on�Antoni T�pies, the best artist-published art blogs, and Franz West�s estate. //// �At�Hyperallergic, Allison Glenn covers Beyond the Canvas: […]


Quicktime: Fast, casual painting in Philadelphia

Contributed by�Becky Huff Hunter / In his influential Art in America article �Provisional Painting� (2009), critic Raphael Rubinstein traced a history�from Joan Mir� to Mary Heilmann�of �works that look casual, dashed-off, tentative, unfinished or self-cancelling,� that �constantly risk inconsequence or collapse.� In Rubinstein�s analysis, this attitude provides an easier yoke […]


The gap between: “Unfinished” at the Met Breuer

In recent years, artists have been interested in �slippage.� In painting, that often translates into an exploration of the space between abstraction and representation, or between two and three dimensions. �Unfinished,� the inaugural show at the Met Breuer, examines another important area � the gap between finished and unfinished. [Image […]


Raoul De Keyser: The loss of certainty

“Drift,” the sublime Raoul De Keyser exhibition on view at David Zwirner through April 23, was organized around a group of 22 small paintings known as The Last Wall. Completed shortly before his death in October 2012, they are hung in the gallery exactly as De Keyser had installed them […]


Interview: Clare Grill in Sunnyside

Contributed by Rob Kaiser-Schatzlein / In late November, I rode my bike to Clare Grill‘s Sunnyside apartment-studio, where we talked about her technique, the mental space required to paint, and her new-found freedom from having to work a second job. A warm and serious painter, Clare makes abstract paintings that […]

Solo Shows

Press release of the day: Giorgio Griffa at Casey Kaplan

In January Casey Kaplan is presenting work from the 1970s by painter Giorgio Griffa (b. Turin, 1936), an Italian painter known for his rigorous approach to conceptual painting. Here is an excerpt from the press release for the show: “In Georgio Griffa�s observations, metaphorical and symbolic imagery exist as an […]


Art and Film: Jem Cohen�s faith in art

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / New York independent filmmaker Jem Cohen�s laconically moving Counting is quintessentially an artist�s movie. It is divided into fifteen segments, and owing to the absence of a script, their logic is obscure. This Delphic quality makes Counting similar to a solo painting or photograph exhibition. […]