QUOTE: Hudson on looking at art

�The first thing is to be quiet. I drop my agenda or expectations, and listen. Then I soften my gaze. The eyes are aggressive, and once you realize they are out there hunting, you can learn to tune them down, and let what is out there come to you. The body knows things way before the brain does�Art is primarily about the development of consciousness, not the development of an object. The object is just a catalyst.�

Hudson, director of Feature, Inc. for nearly thirty years, died unexpectedly last week at 63. A “galler-artist,” Hudson was widely considered an artists’ dealer, someone who cared more about contributing to the conversation than about presenting moveable product. We’ll miss him.

Image at top: Hudson with Tom Friedman’s sculpture, taken by Feature artist Judy Linn.


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  1. When I lived in NY, I always went out of my way to see what was going on at Feature. You always had the sense there was a deep integrity to the way Hudson approached his choice of exhibitions, that he had a deep understanding of human creativity. He was very supportive of the artists he chose.

    It was through Feature that I knew the work of Tom Friedman, Alexander Ross, Lucky DeBellevue, Alan Wiener, Jesse Bransford and many others.

    His passing has left an enormous gap in the cultural life of the NYC gallery world.

    Kara Hammond

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