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Gretchen Frances Bennett�s tenderness

Gretchen Frances Bennett: “Objects that appear in my�drawings are pieced together place holders, in an ongoing search for the things that stay. They�speak to a fleeting image caught peripherally, that can hold basic significant information. This constellation of related and incomplete fragments continually touches down on this question of what […]


QUOTE: Hudson on looking at art

�The first thing is to be quiet. I drop my agenda or expectations, and listen. Then I soften my gaze. The eyes are aggressive, and once you realize they are out there hunting, you can learn to tune them down, and let what is out there come to you. The […]


Quote of the Day: Jane Fine

Jane Fine “Family Outing,” 2009, acrylic on canvas, 48 x 96″   Jane Fine “Flashback,” 2009, acrylic and ink on canvas, 32 x 50″   Jane Fine, “Monument,” 2008 acrylic and ink on wood, 70 x 48″ “Ultimately, as much as my work has been concerned with events and politics […]