Thomas Micchelli: Blue on pink

In Bushwick at homey, book-lined Centotto, Thomas Micchelli presents “Portfolio x Appunti,” a series of figurative work based on poems written by friends Lacy Schutz and Claudia La Rocco. In Swimmers, sleepers and rain (2012), a nine-panel painting on heavy pinkish paper pinned to the wall in a 3 x 3 grid (pictured above), figures delineated in outline appear cascading in a pale blue, claustrophobic space. Some of the figures, all beautifully drawn from memory rather than from observation, are cropped or entwined and others singular, but overall they convey a sense of isolation, vulnerablity and resignation that is both poignant and disturbing. From Micchelli’s perspective, the human condition seems fragile and bleak.

Detail: Thomas Micchelli, Swimmers, sleepers and rain, 2012.

 “Thomas Micchelli: Portfolio x Appunti,” Centotto, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY. Open by appointment only.

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