Installation views: Man and beast in Bushwick

Wrapping up a week of links to contemporary figure painting shows in NYC, I’m posting images of work currently on view at Centotto and Studio 10, two artist-run spaces in Bushwick.

Fred Valentine‘s bear. Or is it a man in a bear suit? (Centotto)

Thomas Micchelli’s men meet beasts. (Centotto)
Joel Dugan‘s Hive-Minded, 54″x54″, oil on canvas. (Centotto)

Adam Simon’s solo show at Studio 10.
“Adam Simon�s conceptual paintings depict silhouetted subjects appropriated from low and high culture. He culls most of these archetypes of common experience from stock photography intended for advertising and magazine production. The subjects are removed from their context to become templates ripe for associations. This exhibition includes one large painting that directly references art history and others where the silhouette serves as container for painterly extravagance. The silhouette becomes a location where painting occurs.” (via Studio 10)
 I heard  Thomas Micchelli wrote an excellent essay for the catalogue. Can’t wait to read it.

Adam Simon

Adam Simon: Pictures and Gestures,” Studio 10, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY.Through May 27, 2010.

Theriomorphous Entourage,” featuring works by Joel Dugan, Andrew Smenos, Jason Andrew, Zane Wilson, Fred Valentine, Mike Ballou, Eric Trosko, Rick Briggs, Paul Gagner, Don Pablo Pedro, Tom Micchelli and Tim Kent. Centotto, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY. Through this weekend. Closing party tonight, 7pm to whenever.


BONUS IMAGE: Crazy stick figures!

 Joshua Abelow’s installation at James Fuentes, Frieze. Click to enlarge.(via Art Blog Art Blog)

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  1. Animals. Has anyone done a critical analysis of this trend in contemporary art?

  2. Fred's looks more like a carving of a bear to me.

  3. @LMS: Only amongst curators.

  4. @LMS: Only amongst curators.

  5. @LMS: Only amongst curators.

  6. Yes, curators are responsible.

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