Side by side: Piet Mondrian and Ellen Lechter

On left: Piet Mondrian, Painting No. 9,
1939 — 1942, oil on canvas; 31 3/8 x 29 1/4 inches. Gift from the estate of Katherine S. Dreier, 1953. Paintings, 1374,
Dutch. On display in Goh Annex, Gallery 103, West. I saw this beauty at The Phillips Collection in Washington, DC, last week. Sure, Mondrian was a genius at organizing space, but when I’m standing in front of one of his paintings, I’m always bowled over by his remarkable sense of touch.
On right: Ellen Letcher, Tea and Toilet Paper, 2012, collaged magazine pages, color laser print  & acrylic paint on paper,  25 x 19 �  inches. Ellen Letcher’s exhibition, “Photo Still,” is at Pocket Utopia through July 15. I’ll be heading over there this evening for some conversation–the gallery stays open until 8pm on Wednesdays. Letcher’s new work crackles with energy and wit.


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  1. Yes touch indeed. Just enough. What it needs to be for the image he is making

  2. And he was a damn fine dancer too. that quality combined with the touch you experience makes those moments.

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