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Martin Bromirski’s universe


Check out Martin Bromirski’s scrappy, small-scale abstractions at John Davis through Saturday. Besides working in his studio, Bromirski blogs at anaba. The charm of Bromirski’s paintings is that he always goes too far, but somehow manages to make it work. In 2006, his work was featured on PaintersNYC. “This is an evocative little image,” Bill Gusky wrote. “Reminds me of angels flying between planets of a saccharine-sweet, perhaps India-inspired universe. For me it evokes fringe spiritual imagery and lays it out in kitsch colors. Calls up occult power and reduces it in one stroke.”

Martin Bromirski: Cro-Mirski in Nega-View,”  John Davis Gallery, Hudson, NY. Through April 25.


  1. martin
    great to see your work here.

  2. "Scrappy," "charm" and and "occult"–now that's gotta be a critical trifecta. Martin, your work would have been perfect for the "Continuing Color Abstraction" show that's up at The Painting Center.

  3. Sharon, thank you for the intro this art is fabulous!! I would love to see Martin's art in person!

    Art by Karena

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