Ethan Ham’s circle game

Ethan Ham, a sculptor and installation artist who often uses kinetics, electronics, and computers in his artwork, has curated Camera/Chimera, a new project inspired by Telephone, the children’s game in which meaning evolves with each whispered retelling of a phrase or story. Ham invited an artist to create a photograph, then asked others, in a linear sequence, to replicate the previous artist’s image. Arts writers (including me) were asked to listen to a description of the image, and then write what they thought they heard. The project will be at Gallery Aferro in Newark through October 3. If you can’t make it to the show, Ham has created a beautiful 66-page color catalog (pictured above), which you can either download, or buy (only $10) here. Art blog readers will undoubtedly recognize many of the artists and writers involved.

Artists include: Becca Albee, Holly Andres, Patterson Beckwith, Chase Browder, xtine burrough, Cassandra C. Jones, Stephanie Dean, Dennis Delgado, Joel Fisher, Harrell Fletcher, Joy Garnett, Greta Ham, Tim Hutchings, Steve Lambert, Gus Meisner, Robin Michals, Hajoe Moderegger, MTAA, Shani Peters, Anne Schiffer, Christian Marc Schmidt, Tom Thayer, Mariana Tres, Angie Waller

Arts writers include: Sarah Kate Baie, Michael Betancourt, Julia Bryan-Wilson, Sharon L. Butler, Andrei Codrescu, Greg Cook, Evonne M. Davis, Laurel Gitlen, Ethan Ham, Ellen Handy, N. Katherine Hayles, Paddy Johnson, Lisa Kjaer, Jonathan David Martin, Carolina A. Miranda, Ceci Moss, Jack Murnighan, Laura Napier, Tim Maul, Catherine Spaeth, Hrag Vartanian, James Wagner, Emma Wilcox

Camera/Chimera,” curated by Ethan Ham. Gallery Aferro, Newark, NJ. Through October 3

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