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Van Gogh and Divisionism

Contributed by Margaret McCann / Vincent van Gogh drew from many sources in his short, intensely inventive career. “Van Gogh’s Cypresses,” now up at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, highlights his encounter with the Mediterranean conifer. A symbol of mourning, it dramatically punctuates the Tuscan landscape, and appears in paintings by Leonardo, in Arnold Bocklin’s Isle of the Dead series (who probably it in Rome), and Salvador Dali, among others. Van Gogh noticed the “interesting, dark note” in the Provencal landscape, near the end of a peripatetic life.


Worshipping Van Gogh online

In the Sunday Times, Matthew Campbell reports that the Auberge Ravoux may someday be a video cyber shrine to former resident Vincent Van Gogh. “Dominique-Charles Janssens, who owns the country inn near Paris where Van Gogh spent his last days, intends to bid for The Fields, one of his last […]