Worshipping Van Gogh online

In the Sunday Times, Matthew Campbell reports that the Auberge Ravoux may someday be a video cyber shrine to former resident Vincent Van Gogh. “Dominique-Charles Janssens, who owns the country inn near Paris where Van Gogh spent his last days, intends to bid for The Fields, one of his last paintings, at Sotheby�s on November 7 so that he can hang it in the room in which the artist died. Janssens is raising money on the internet by offering donors a personal access code. It would allow them to view the painting at any time through a webcam in the attic room above a cafe where Van Gogh died two days after shooting himself in a field. ‘This has become my challenge, my obsession, my dream,’ said Janssens last week, complaining that Van Gogh�s paintings were mainly in museums or private collections far from where they were painted.” Read more.

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