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“I think once I stopped caring quite so much about where I fitted in, and whether it made any sense to be painting, I started getting more and more absorbed in it.”

Cecily Brown, “Indian Tourist,” 2008, oil on linen, 97 x 89″ Courtesy Gagosian Gallery. In the Guardian, Perri Lewis and  Cecily Brown talk about the painting process. “You’ve got the same old materials – just oils and a canvas – and you’re trying to do something that’s been done for […]


It’s not all milk and honey

 Klaus Weber’s bee shit paintings in Glasgow. Guardian critic Skye Sherwin wonders what’s the difference between a man and a bee. “Not so much to the 18th-century free market advocate Adam Smith, for whom the industrious beehive was a symbol of human progress. Plenty if you’re the German artist Klaus […]


Andrew Cranston’s dense claustrophobic rooms

In the Guardian, Jessica Lack continues her series on contemporary artists with Andrew Cranston, whose dense claustrophobic paintings are inspired by rooms in great works of literature. “Like Francis Bacon, Andrew Cranston’s currency is claustrophobia, imprisoning both viewer and subject in a hellish nothing. By using fiction as his source […]


Some old gold: 2006 interview with Howard Hodgkin

Thanks Jen Mazza for posting this link to novelist Colm T�ib�n’s 2006 Guardian interview with Howard Hodgkin. Apparently Hodgkin dislikes talking about his paintings and has never let anyone watch him work, so T�ib�n’s interview is fairly rare. “The term colourist, Hodgkin says, has no meaning except in terms of […]


Two Coats of Paint endorses Obama for president

Stop reading the blogs and go vote! And take a book, the lines may be long. I’ll be reading Sarah Thornton’s new release, Seven Days in the Art World. According to Publishers Weekly, Thornton offers an elegant, evocative, sardonic view into some of the art world’s most prestigious institutions. “The […]


Rothko edits Rothko

In The Independent Claire Dwyer Hoggs talks to Chris Rothko, Mark Rothko‘s son and editor of The Artist’s Reality: Philosophies of Art, a new book of his father’s writing. “‘People imagine my father had a glamorous existence, but he lived mainly in slums,’ Christopher says, as he settles into his […]


Peter McDonald wins John Moores Painting Prize

Peter McDonald’s painting depicting an artist slashing a canvas has won this year’s John Moores contemporary painting prize. “Fontana,” by the Tokyo-born McDonald, reimagines the working practice of Italian artist Lucio Fontana, who made a series of works featuring canvases with slashes and holes. The painting, chosen from 40 works […]