Turner Prize shortlist: All trans-media artmakers, no video

The four trans-media artists who have been shortlisted for the Turner Prize 2009 are Enrico David, Roger Hiorns, Lucy Skaer and Richard Wright.

“Critics of the Turner prize are used to harrumphing crossly about the absence of painting or drawing from the award’s shortlist, and condemning a perceived preponderance of video or film work. This year, by contrast, video artists are absent from the shortlist. Instead, it includes a painter who makes figurative work, an artist whose practice has recently stretched from drawing to sculpture, and another whom the judges called ‘a modern fresco painter.’ According to curator Andrea Schlieker, one of the judges: ‘I think this is work that the public will be able to relate to very easily � this is strongly material, seductive art.'” (via Guardian)

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