It’s not all milk and honey

 Klaus Weber’s bee shit paintings in Glasgow.

Guardian critic Skye Sherwin wonders what’s the difference between a man and a bee. “Not so much to the 18th-century free market advocate Adam Smith, for whom the industrious beehive was a symbol of human progress. Plenty if you’re the German artist Klaus Weber whose ‘bee waste action paintings’ are currently on show at Transmission Gallery. Defecated upon by bees whose job it is to cleanse the hive, Weber’s delicately shit-speckled canvases come with a sting. As with other projects of Weber’s � including an LSD-laced public fountain and concrete-busting mushrooms grown through a gallery floor � it effects an ingenious, unruly upheaval of everyday presumptions.” Read more.

Klaus Weber: Bee Paintings,”  Transmission Gallery, Glasgow. Through October 3.

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