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Artist's Notebook

Quick study: The quiet city

Contributed by Sharon Butler / How’s everyone doing out there? The streets of New York have calmed down in the past few weeks, with far fewer sirens, although the neighbors still hang out the windows to make a racket at 7pm, celebrating the quietly heroic medical personnel and other essential […]


New art blogs on the Two Coats link list

Here are a few art blogs/web sites Two Coats recently added to the list. DC Art Seen: “The DC art scene is full of contemporary artists and art shows that are profound and important. DC Art Seen aims to provide professional level articles of the contemporary art shows in the […]


Critics turned bloggers? Maybe not.

Note to art bloggers: If you think mainstream journalists and art critics who have lost their jobs are going to jump in and embrace blogging, think again. When Jen Bekman, Olympia Lambert, and a few other bloggers (including myself) suggested to a prominent art critic that he should start a […]

Group Shows

Real life at Capricious Space

Beginning this past weekend a leading group of art bloggers, internet artists, online curators and critics began taking up residence at Capricious Space in Williamsburg for “In Real Life,” an exhibition showcasing some of the artosphere’s leading lights through revolving 4-hour residencies at the gallery. Laurel Ptak of iheartphotograph curated […]

Group Shows Writing

Artwork delivery: Platform Project Space, NYC

Update (March 9): For snaps of the installation, check out Joanne Mattera Art Blog here. Watch VernissageTV’s video of the blogpix opening. Today (March 3) I’m delivering 5 paintings for the “blogpix” show to Denise Bibro Fine Art’s Platform Project Space. Organized by Olympia Lambert, the show is view March […]


The year in Art Blogging

Here are our favorite moments in art blogging from 2008, in no particular order:� When Pearl Montana, a Canadian oil-and-gas company, wanted to drill for oil near Smithson�s Spiral Jetty, high-minded Tyler Green (Modern Art Notes), pulling out all the stops with in-depth daily coverage, managed to draw enough mainstream […]