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Kick off: The Two Coats 2022 Year-end Fundraising Campaign is underway

Conversation: Two Coats Resident Artist Deborah Zlotsky and Two Coats founder Sharon Butler, probably talking about painting at the Two Coats of Paint Open Studio last night.

Contributed by Mary Sargent / Today marks the first day of the Two Coats of Paint Annual Year-end fundraising campaign. What a year it’s been! In March, after publishing a poignant and penetrating series of conversations between Julia Kunin and artists in Ukraine, we experienced a major hack that took the entire Two Coats of Paint website down. Eventually we were able to rescue and restore 15 years’ worth of content, and we will continue working to fix the typographic glitches that remain on older posts.

This year we’ll be sending out Two Coats of Paint stickers to all contributors.

In July, at our landlord’s request, we packed everything up and moved from 55 Washington Street over to 20 Jay Street, staying in Dumbo but now on the north side of the Manhattan Bridge. Moving is never easy, but we’re happy to be on the quieter side of the neighborhood, among more artists and arts organizations in the new space. Your generous contributions during the 2021 fundraising drive made many things possible this year, including:

In 2023, with your generous support, we will continue to keep our vibrant and expansive conversation about painting going. Thanks for being a part of it.

To contribute to the campaign, please click here.

Conversation: Our neighbor Elizabeth Hazan at Platform Project Space talking about installing the next show with artists David Henderson and Kate Teale.

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