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Two Coats Selected Gallery Guide to the Hudson Valley: May 2022

GALERIE GRIS: X’S Four installation view, clockwise from left: Gary Bower, Richard Shipley, Lizzie Scott, Martin Bromirski

Welcome to Two Coats of Paint’s inaugural guide to Hudson Valley galleries. With the explosion of impressive exhibitions in the region, Two Coats plans to make the guide a regular feature, so please send a note to if you have an exhibition that you would like to be considered for inclusion. For details about supporting the project through advertising, please send a note to with ADVERTISING in the subject line, and we will send information. Huge thanks to Sophy Johnston for compiling the guide. –Sharon Butler

Carrie Haddad Gallery / 622 Warren Street, Hudson, NY / Julia Whitney Barnes, Linda Newman Boughton, Sue Bryan, Shawn Dulaney, Susan Hope Fogel and Betsy Weis, Bold Little Beauty / April 6 – May 30

D’Arcy Simpson Art Works / 409 Warren Street, Hudson, NY / Mary Breneman, Joseph Stabilito, Michael Simpson, Jeremy Bullis, An Eye For Color / April 29 – May 30

GALERIE GRIS / 621 Warren Street, Hudson, NY / Gary Bower, Richard Shipley, Lizzie Scott, Martin Bromirski, X’S Four / through May 26

Lightforms Art Center / 743 Columbia Street, Hudson, NY / Walter Gurbo, Ancient Future: Recent Relief Paintings & Sculpture / April 16 – May 23

Lightforms Art Center: Walter Gurbo, Spring Lockdown, 2020

The New Gallery / 610 Warren Street, Hudson, NY / Group show, The Rock & Roll Circus / May 5 – June 5

Pamela Salisbury Gallery / 362 1/2 Warren Street, Hudson, NY / Jeanne Silverthorne: Sculpture, Richard Bosman: Selected Work, Willard Boepple: Towers and Tablets, Don Voisine: On Point, Amy Pleasant and Pete Schulte: tête-à-tête: Works on paper, Kamilla Talbot: Works on Paper / May 7 – June 5

Pamela Salisbury Gallery: Richard Bosman, The Wave, 1987, woodcut, 30 x 38 inches

Private Public Gallery / 530 Columbia Street, Hudson, NY / Kathryn Lynch, Restless / April 9 – May 22

Private Public Gallery: Kathryn Lynch, Chain Smoker, 2022, oil on canvas, 84 x 60 inches

Susan Eley Fine Art / 433 Warren Street, Hudson, NY / Allison Green, Malia’s Garden / April 28 – June 19

Tanja Grunert / 21 Prospect Avenue, Hudson, NY / Mark Colyer, Kirby Crone, Christopher Fitzwater, Klemens Gasser, Susan Jennings, KK Kozik, Kathleen Kucka, Lee Musselman, Gelah Penn, Russell Steinert, Becca Van K, Arnie Zimmerman, Second Chapter / May 7 – May 29

Turley Gallery / 98 Green Street, Suite 2, Hudson, NY / Alexi Antoniadis, Sarah E. Brook, Jordany Genao, Leah Guadagnoli, Martine Kaczynski, Emily Kiacz, Gracelee Lawrence, Alyssa McClenaghan, Andrea Miller, Joey Parlett, Casey Jex Smith, Amelia Toelke, Florescence / May 7 – June 19

LABspace / 2642 Route 23, Hillsdale, NY / Pauline Decarmo, Exit / closes May 29 / Conversation: Pauline Decarmo and Sharon Butler (painter and publisher of Two Coats of Paint), Saturday May 14, at 3 pm

LABspace: Pauline Decarmo, ? Everything, 2022, acrylic on canvas, 18 x 18 inches

Art Omi / 1405 County Route 22, Ghent, NY / Raven Halfmoon, Ancestors / March 19 – June 12

Joyce Goldstein Gallery / 19 Central Square, Chatham, NY / Patrick Neal / April 3 – May 7 / Francis Cape, Matt Crane, Betsy Friedman, Kathy Greenwood, Brece Honeycutt, Bill Jacobson, Matt LaFleur, Caitlin MacBride, Robin McKay, Sue Muskat, Chris Pennock, Richard Saja, Nicholas Sullivan, Shaker Inspired / May 14 – June 18

Thompson Giroux Gallery / 57 Main Street, Chatham, NY / T. Klacsmann, Habitat / April 9 – May 8 / Robin Whiteman, Gathering / May 14 – June 12

Thompson Giroux Gallery: T. Klacsmann, Scherzo in Gray – Turtle and Radio Tower, 2020, linocut, woodcut, polyester lithography with ink, acrylic, colored pencil, pastel on marbled gray paper, 18 x 24 inches

Alexander Gray Associates / 224 Main Street, Garden Level, Germantown, NY / Melvin Edwards, B-Wire / May 6 – June 5

Geary | Millerton / 34 Main Street, Millerton, NY / Rachel Owens, Fragile / May 14 – July 12

The Re Institute / 1395 Boston Corners Road, Millerton, NY / Carol Diehl, Tara Foley, Moira Kelly, Mark Olshansky, Stephan Westfall, Geoffrey Young, Pattern and Time / May 7 – June 25

The Re Institute: Mark Olshansky, Forty Thousand Year Old Bowling Ball Under Red Sombrero with UFO, 2021, needlepoint, 16 x 12 inches

Wassaic Project / 37 Furnace Bank Road, Wassaic, NY / A Tournament of Lies / May 21 – September 17

ArtPort Kingston / 108 East Strand Street, Kingston, NY / Group exhibition featuring Ellen Harvey, Rowan Willigan, Suzy Spence, Kirsten Lamb, Polly Shindler, Danielle Klebes, Suzanne Unrein and more, Properties of Illusion in the Candy Store / April 30 – May 29

The Lockwood Gallery / 747 NY-28, Kingston, NY / Farrell Brickhouse, William Gary, Joel Longenecker, Beverly Peterson, David Pollack, Claudia Renfro, Dreams Within a Dream / April 9 – May 8 / Dorothy Robinson, Susan Mayr, Alice Zinnes, Richard Baronio, A Time and Place: 4 Decades of Landscape / May 21 – June 19

Woodstock Artists Association & Museum / 28 Tinker Street, Woodstock, NY / Group exhibition features 27 artists listed here, Far and Wide: Risk & Experimentation / May 20 – July 4

MOTHER | Beacon / 1154 North Avenue, Beacon, NY / Trudy Benson and Russell Tyler, zzzzzzzzzzzzz / May 13 – June 19

Mother | Beacon: Trudy Benson, Boost, 2022, acrylic and oil on canvas, 77 x 88 inches

Unison Arts / 68 Mountain Rest Road, New Paltz, NY / Beth Humphrey, Echo / May 7 – July 9

Art at APL, Albany Public Library, Pine Hills Branch / 517 Western Avenue, Albany, NY / Fern Apfel, Paula Drysdale Frazell, Danny Goodwin, Chloe Harrison, Niki Haynes, Beth Humphrey, Henry Klimowicz, Juan Hinojosa, Melinda McDaniel, Michael Oatman, and Kenneth Ragsdale, Pieced Together / through May 7

Art at APL, Albany Public Library, Pine Hills Branch: Beth Humphrey, Mutual Aid, 2020, spray paint, gouache, crayon, film on paper, 15 x 12 inches

Opalka Gallery / 140 New Scotland Avenue, Albany, NY / Russell Sage College Art+Design BFA Candidates, A+D BFA Show / May 6 – June 3

Collar Works / 621 River Street, Troy, NY / Jude Abu Zaineh, Bibiana Med, Jaehoon Choi, Kosmas Giannoutakis, Aaron Juarez, Lisa Schonberg, Allie E.S. Wist, Jenifer Wightman, Between The Waves / May 1 – 7

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    It’s juicy and generative up here!

  3. Showing with John Davis Gallery for a decade before he retired, I knew there was a vibrant arts community along the Hudson River Valley. But since moving North from NYC some 3 years ago I am delighted to find the depth of the evolving scene. Thanks for your new coverage of the Hudson Valley, it’s most helpful and deserved.

  4. Thank you Sharon Butler! So much is going on in the Hudson Valley – so great you did this!

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