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Hudson Valley Selected Gallery Guide: March, 2023

This past week members of the Two Coats staff were in Baltimore where we met a talented young curator who grew up spending summers near the Hudson Valley. She told us that the last time she was at the family cabin, she couldn’t believe how the area has become such a magnet for so many NYC area artists and galleries. But it’s true. Here’s our selected guide for March.

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Hudson Valley Selected Gallery Guide: January, 2023

Here we are, at the beginning of another year, and we’re feeling kind of frisky with all the possibilities. If you’re flying out of the area, perhaps down south to warmer weather, don’t forget to stop by the Albany International Airport Gallery and check out “Lumen,” a show comprising work by Shaina Gates, Ben Godward, Heather Hutchison — all artists who engage with light in unusual ways. Honestly, though, everything looks good. Why not go see it all? Put Lizzie Gill and Kristen Jensen’s show at Geary in Millerton on your calendar. It opens at the end of the month.

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Hudson Valley Selected Gallery Guide: November, 2022

This month, don’t forget to look up and admire the trees, which are having the last gasp of color that I’ve always thought is impossible to paint (or photograph) without seeming hopelessly sentimental. Meanwhile, in the galleries, check out “Big Little Color,” an elegant abstraction show at Carrie Haddad featuring geometry, pattern, and sophisticated color. Ashley Garrett, Charlie Goering, and Evan Halter are in “knowing when,” a group show at Turley Gallery that celebrates knowing when to ignore the internal voices and listen, and knowing when to stop. At LABspace Susan Carr is back for another outstanding solo with new work that continues her exploration of, and search for, happiness. And finally, don’t miss “The Material, The Thing,” a big survey of talented Hudson Valley artists at the Dorsky Museum. It’s only on view through November 6.

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Charles Yuen’s spores and magic

shifting formal narrative devices, and push paint in a variety of combinations in vast and surprising ways. Such a painter is Charles Yuen, whom I somehow discovered online during the pandemic. The mycelia network of interweb algorithms finally delivered a plump mushroom. “Between Here and Now” is Yuen’s second solo show with Pamela Salisbury Gallery in Hudson, NY. 

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Hudson Valley Selected Gallery Guide: August, 2022

In August the party continues beyond Upstate Art Weekend, with a slew of interesting shows throughout the Hudson Valley region. On August 13th, I’ll be up in Hillsdale, NY (north of Millerton, west of Great Barrington) for the opening of “Guided by voices,” a group show at LABspace that includes work by me, Yura Adams, Lucy Mink, and Adrian Meraz. Please stop by from 1-5 to say hello!


Two Coats Selected Gallery Guide to the Hudson Valley: July, 2022

Contributed by Sharon Butler / It’s the height of summer arts season in the Hudson Valley, and this is our most expansive Gallery Guide yet. On July 22-24, Upstate Art Weekend, featuring more than 100 exhibitions, extended gallery hours, and a slew of special events, adds a thick layer to the month’s already robust art programming. As a bonus, more than 50 artists will open their studios to the public. We are also pleased to see that SEPTEMBER Gallery will be reopening on July 23 at their new space in Kinderhook NY.