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Hudson Valley Selected Gallery Guide: Dec 2023

Check out the Two Coats of Paint handy interactive map to the Hudson Valley art region. NOTE: If you would like your gallery exhibition to be considered for inclusion in the next Selected Guide to the Hudson Valley, please send a note to staff@twocoatsofpaint.com and write HUDSON VALLEY in the subject […]


Daniel Giordano’s sculpture: Memory fueled, magically sprouting

Contributed by Kari Adelaide Razdow / Daniel Giordano’s sculptures, some of them currently on view at MassMoCA and Visitor Center in Newburgh, NY, it is possible to decipher a deeply personal language ensconced in forms and symbols. His works defy easy classification while honoring memories that inhabit his industrially tinged studio in Newburgh, NY, once his family’s clothing factory. His freewheeling use of materials and evocative titles suggest a comprehensive embrace of sculpture as a repository of humor, narrative, and poetics, as well as a means of integration and rupture alike. There is a logic underpinning the wild combinations and ambiguous forms in his work. It resonates with echoes from the past and suggestions of the future, like a postcard from someone we have not yet met.

Gallery shows

Hudson Valley Selected Gallery Guide: Nov 2023

New stuff for November: Last month we produced a handy interactive map of the galleries in the Hudson Valley region for the Two Coats Gallery Crawl, with links to both the galleries and to their location on Google Maps. As out-of-towners, we found it incredibly helpful driving from space to space, so we have decided to create a version for use year-round. Readers can find a link on the menu bar at the top or click here to take a look. Keep in mind it’s a work in progress, and more galleries will be added shortly. Note that a couple of galleries have closed for the season: Elijah Wheat and the Re Institute.

Group Shows

Confrontational color at Analog Diary

Contributed by Clare Gemima / Analog Diary’s group exhibition “Chromazones” – curated by Derek Eller, Abby Messitte, Katharine Overgaard and Franklin Parrasch – features a wide, intergenerational array of artists. Many works, including Clare Grill’s Plant, Pam Glick’s Cat, Dog, Car, Sky, and Yukine Yanagi’s Chrysalis, are traditional oil paintings. Others utilize unconventional materials, such as glitter, which is found in Chris Martin’s Fireflies, or gemstones, which appear in Alteronce Gumby’s I can’t stop thinking about love. And there are ceramic sculptures, like Peter Shire’s Scozzese and Ken Price’s Iggy. The show confronts viewers with abundant color. While that may be a narrow parameter, here it provides insight into each artist’s approach to material and method of application.

Gallery shows

Hudson Valley Selected Gallery Guide: September, 2023

Don’t miss the last few days to see “The Summer Disaster Show,” a big group extravaganza at Private Public Gallery and “Darkening Skies,” a three-person show with Pamela Longobardi, Craig Dogonski, and Susan Knippenberg at Mother-In-Law’s. Both shows close on September 4. Intriguing sculptural and installation-based works by Kelcy Chase Folsom and Jason Reed open at Turley Gallery and Michael McGrath’s “Some Small Threats” at Headstone Gallery open on September 2. A clutch of outstanding painting shows also opens at Pamela Salisbury on September 2. At the end of the month, look for another Susan Carr solo at LABspace and site-specific installations by Judith Braun and Rowan Willigan at The Re Institute. My tent and I were up in the Catskills area at the end of August, basking in the moonlight and enjoying the lack of cellular service. Don’t forget to go outside on the night of the 29th and look up at the full moon. Honestly, it’s breathtaking.

Solo Shows

Elisa Soliven’s vessels of impeccable resistance

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / Elisa Soliven sees her dignified ceramic sculptures, now on display in a faultlessly curated solo show at LABspace in Hillsdale, as vessels containing the rich stuff of life – space, time, cultural tropes, history both grand and personal. Too eclectic and searching to be merely iconic, they are brimming with both old and new referents, and bear their weight with extraordinary grace.

Gallery shows

Hudson Valley Selected Gallery Guide: July, 2023

This month check out Carrie Moyer’s first outing at Alexander Gray since they announced her representation a few weeks ago. On July 21-24, the big Upstate Art Weekend juggernaut takes place, but keep in mind there is art everywhere, year round, all the time, in this thriving arts community. If you want to find out what’s happening among the local artists (I do), check out “The Hills Have Eyes” at LABspace, which will feature a slew of talented artists (both the longterm locals and the transplants, who live in Hillsdale and the surrounding towns. No one curates a livelier group show than Julie Torres and Ellen Letcher. At some point, when I can tear myself away from the studio, I hope to see everyone up there.