Invitation in Seattle: Slow Enhancers

Rober Yoder, artist and director of SEASON, a gallery he runs out of a beautiful mid-century modern house in Seattle, has taken over Platform Gallery this month to present a summer group show called “Slow Enhancers.” The exhibition includes a couple of my paintings alongside work by ten other artists who are engaged with conceptual content but dedicated to traditional materials–paint, stone, collage. If you are in the Northwest, I hope you’ll stop in and check out the exhibition.

[Image at top: Marius Wilms (left), Christopher Moss (right), Sharon Butler (bottom). Installation view.]

Calvin Ross Carl, Dawn Cerny

From the Press release:

There’s a memory of something like a tongue or a candy wrapper and I chased it. I thought I’d see things if I looked but I couldn’t. I thought I’d see through things if I looked harder but I still couldn’t. I got jammed up on some duffer and dope and for some reason I’m lying face down on a beach with both hands in my left pocket. The waves are crashing near me, only I don’t know where they are. I’m too weak and unconcerned to look up. I wonder if I open my eyes now I’ll see the center of the Earth but I don’t dare. That kind of knowledge would be a dream and I have stopped having dreams.

Artists include Sharon Butler, Calvin Ross Carl, Dawn Cerny, Seth David Friedman, Nicola Ginzel, Cable Griffith, Mary Henry, Juliet Jacobson, Christopher Moss, Anthony Palocci Jr, Marius Wilms

Cable Griffith, Dawn Cerny

Anthony Palocci Jr,

Cable Griffith

Anthony Palocci Jr, Calvin Ross Carl
Sharon Butler, Nicola Ginzel

Seth David Friedman, Dawn Cerny

Slow Enhancers,” organized by Robert Yoder. Platform Gallery 114 Third Avenue South, Seattle, Washington. The show runs through August 29, 2015.

Contact: 206-323-2808
Email: info@platformgallery.com
Hours: Wednesday to Saturday, 11AM to 5PM

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