Painting Toward Happiness: Episode 1: The Landscape

Snarky Jayson Musson, aka Hennessy Youngman from the hilarious Art Thoughtz series, channels Bob Ross in the first installment of his new series “Painting Toward Happiness.”

In character as Franklin Vivray (pictured above),  Musson assures viewers that it’s perfectly OK to work from photographs these days–everyone does it. Musing about the art world, he suggests that people who think painting is dead must be going to the type of art museums where women sleep in glass boxes. In conclusion, he advises that the painting may not look exactly like the photograph, but that’s because paintings are about feeling– and there is no wrong way to paint a feeling.


  1. What a wonderful Casualist painting of a tree he made!

  2. I agree about what passes as art these days.

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