AdventureLand: A new artist-run space in Chicago

If you’re in Chicago, please stop by AdventureLand, the new exhibition space organized by Tony Fitzpatrick in conjunction with Firecat Projects. In keeping with Fitzpatrick’s belief that artists, not the market, should drive the bus, Adventureland will focus on connecting young and underknown artists with Chicago art patrons and the wider art community. Hear, hear. Imagine if all successful artists believed it was their responsibility to make the art community a better place.

Thanks, Tony, for inviting me to show a few pieces in “Necessary Strangers: Abstraction at an Intimate Scale,” which also features work by Jane Fine, Ati Maier, Kelly Houlihan, Jesse Sioux Achramowicz.

Here are a few installation snaps of the show.

Looking back toward the office and flatfiles, with Jane Fine’s work on the right.
 Kelly Houlihan and Sharon Butler

 Ati Maier and Jane Fine

A full house at the opening reception.
Jesse-Souix Achramowicz, exhibition organizer, in front of her work.
Ati Maier
Jane Fine

Necessary Strangers: Abstraction at an Intimate Scale,” AdventureLand, 1513 N. Western Ave.Chicago IL. Open Wednesday – Saturday, 12-4 or by appointment. For more info, please call (312) 617-5168.


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  1. Your paintings look great, Sharon! I love that new series!

  2. I love this idea.

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