Not buying American optimism: Kevin Regan and Cooper Holoweski at STOREFRONT

 Kevin Regan, collages from 1996 at STOREFRONT

This weekend is the last chance to see Kevin Regan (co-director of Famous Accountants) and Cooper Holoweski‘s show at  STOREFRONT. Holoweski presents mixed-media pieces about the dream of a middle-class utopia. Using imagery that ranges from Herman Miller furniture to the Ford Elmont Station Wagon, Holoweski proclaims a sincere nostalgia for the 20th century capitalist utopia–while understanding that it never really existed. Regan’s mischievous sense of humor yields a set of collages inspired by personal events (all made in 1996), that reflect an incisively sardonic worldview in which mayhem hovers over the advertised comforts of American life.

 Cooper Holoweski, installation view
 Kevin Regan, installation view

 Cooper Holoweski, “Dream Office / Grandson,” acrylic, spray paint, and Xerox transfer onpaper
Cooper Holoweski, “Wagon at Rest”, sumi ink, acrylic, spray paint, and silkscreen collage on paper

 Kevin Regan, collage, 1996, on paper.

“Kevin Regan (Work from the Nineties)  and Cooper Holoweski (New Work),” STOREFRONT, Brooklyn, NY. Through August 28, 2011.

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