Double feature: Existential questions

Rafael Grassi, “Combattant,” 2011, oil on magazine paper

I like the way the artists in “reCovered,” a collage show at Frosch and Portmann, fool around with the the human figure. They cover heads with oozy paint, paste over the faces with shapes clipped from magazines, cut the people out of family snapshots, crop and group tiny details, and insert the figures in unlikely situations. Ultimately, this playful exhibition reinforces the notion that to be human is to be an enigma, unknowable even to ourselves.

After checking out “reCovered,” go see “Another Earth” a mesmerizing indie sci-fi film that also addresses compelling existential questions. A second earth, Earth Two, populated with a set of people exactly the same as those on our original Earth, appears on our planet’s horizon. The film, presenting an idea somewhat similar to that of the alternate world on the TV show Fringe, poetically explores the sometimes intolerable pain of regret and loneliness.

“reCovered” and “Another Earth”  will both give you something to think about while you’re lying on the beach (or on your way to work).

Jessie Henson, “First House Series – Living Room III,” 2006-09, ink jet print, 13 x 13″

Thomas Lowe, “Every Hole is a Goal,” 2011, color pencil, marker pen, collage on paper, 30 x 22″
Eva Lake, “Target 48 (Jean),” 2009, collage, 17.5 x 17.5″
Garrett Pruter, “Daisy,” 2011, acrylic and collage on magazine, 10 x 8″

reCovered: Rafael Grassi, Jessie Henson, Eva Lake, Thomas Lowe, Garrett Pruter,” Frosch and Portmann, New york, NY. Through August 21st, 2011.

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