Margrit Lewczuk: A humorous, self-aware visionary

Margrit Lewczuk, “Mayan Time,” 2009, 48 x 60.” All images are from the artist’s website.
 Margrit Lewczuk, Untitled, 2009, 48 x 60″

In the NY Times Roberta Smith reports that Margrit Lewczuk, who used to show at Pamela Auchincloss back in the day, has mounted a solo show in her Williamsburg studio. “The painter has taken matters into her own hands. Except for an installation of her work assembled by Elizabeth Murray at the Bowery Poetry Project in 2003, she has not had a solo show in New York City since 1994. Rather than await anointment-by-art-dealer, Ms. Lewczuk (pronounced loo-check) is exhibiting her work in her own studio….These slightly loopy, often looping abstractions reject stylish chic or high finish. They seem inspired by tribal motifs � carvings, ceramics, textiles � but amp up such sources with bright, sometimes fluorescent colors….

“Ms. Lewczuk�s efforts identify the marginalized midcentury abstraction personified by painters like Agnes Pelton and Steve Wheeler as fertile ground. Her interlacing, overlapping forms, for the most part organized in grids and other quadrilateral arrangements, balance with distinctive awkwardness between organic and geometric, their boisterous scale held in check by taut layering….The resulting tension has a pulsating energy that is visionary yet humorous and self-aware…”

Margrit Lewczuk: Art Work,” 85 Metropolitan Avenue, near Wythe Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. NY. Through December 12, 2010.


  1. Wow this work looks amazing, if she were a young guy well , you know.

  2. I liked the work but her website has some super annoying music on it which makes me like the work less. note to artists: dont put music on your web site nobody wants to hear that when looking at the paintings.

  3. wonderful to know about her work . thanks .

  4. yes! if you have a studio like this in Williamsburg,, it is a gallery.
    go for it*

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