On Sunday: Party & Discussion at STOREFRONT in Bushwick

To quote Roberta Smith: Happy Birthday, Abstract Art!

What: A Birthday Party (& Discussion) for Abstract Art
Where: Storefront Gallery (16 Wilson Avenue, Bushwick, Brooklyn)
When: Sunday, August 22, 4-6 pm
Why: Because it�s the centennial of abstract art
Who: Hosted by Storefront Gallery and the artists and curator of �On Display� 

“On Display” was selected as the  “Best in Painting” Critics’ Pick this week in Time Out NewYork.

Whether you�re an artist, critic, art blogger, collector, art historian, art fan or gallery owner, the term �abstract� is loaded with many associations and we plan to unpack some of its meanings at a special discussion/birthday party for abstract art on Sunday, August 22, 4-6 pm at Storefront Gallery (16 Wilson Avenue, Bushwick, Brooklyn).

One of the preeminent aesthetic accomplishments of the modern era, abstract art may be ubiquitous nowadays but that wasn�t always the case. Join us for a frank discussion about how far we�ve come since Wassily Kandinsky, Piet Mondrian and Franciska Kupka�s early abstract art experiments and whether the term is even useful anymore. We want to hear your thoughts and we�d love for you to join us for some birthday cake, coffee, and stimulating (if abstract) discussion about the state of abstract art and abstraction in 2010.
This party/discussion will take place on the final day of the �On Display� exhibition at Storefront Gallery, featuring the work of Sharon Butler, Joy Curtis, and Cathy Nan Quinlan. Curated by Hrag Vartanian, 
Image above: Wassily Kandinsky, “Untitled (First Abstract Watercolor)” (1910), Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris


  1. Hi Sharon,

    Is there any way that we out here, a long way from NYC, might hear, read, view some of that discussion on Abstract Art? Will it be YouTubed?

    thanks, Jim

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