Butler gets a Jackson Pollock valued at 2 million

Jackson Pollock, “Silver and Black,” 1950, oil and metallic paint, 21.25 x 15.75.”

The Business Journal Daily reports that a painting by Jackson Pollock, valued at $2 million has been donated to The Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown, Ohio, by William Roemer and his wife Linda, who reside in Warren. Roemer�s parents, James and Helen, purchased the painting for $3,000 in 1958, when Pollock was an unknown, unrecognized artist [“Wait, who wrote that? ‘Unknown’ and ‘unrecognized artist’ in 1958? I’m pretty sure that’s not true,” Todd correctly points out in the Comments below. TBJD got the Pollock bio mixed up. In fact, Pollock was struggling in the early 50s to move beyond the drip paintings while continuing to fight his ongoing alcoholism. He died in August 1956 and had a posthumous retrospective at MoMa the following December. He was far from “unknown” by 1958. –Ed.] James Roemer and his father, Henry, each served as president of the former Sharon Steel Corp. �This is indeed a very special holiday present, and I am still pinching myself about it,� said The Butler�s executive director and chief curator, Lou Zona. �The Butler can now boast that we have a very rare work of art by America�s most renowned 20th century artist, a man who literally redefined world art. Pollock was a troubled genius whose magnificent art has engaged generations.�


  1. Wait, who wrote that? "Unknown" and "unrecognized artist" in 1958? I'm pretty sure that's not true.

  2. Hmm, good point.


  3. "Sharon Steel" and "Butler Institute" and you don't get a piece of this? Damn.

    I had a chance to spend the night at the Pollock/Krasner studio on Long Island (it's a National Historic Landmark; I can send you the brochure I did on art-related NHLs). Silly me to miss out.

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