A note to procrastinators (and other busy people)

The Promotion Project has taken over my tiny attic workroom.
A few days ago I received this note via email from the  other Sharon in Seattle:

�I wanted to let you know I�m working fast on a letter for your [Promotion] Project – I�d really like to participate! I�m afraid if I mail it today, it might not get to New York from Seattle in time – do you think it�s all right if it�s a day late or so? If not, I can try to send it priority. Sorry for the last minute rush!�

If you, too, procrastinated (or are just busy) but are still planning to participate in the project, that�s fine. No need to pay extra postage to make the deadline. Just let me know that you�re working on it, and I�ll save space. I’m beginning to sound like a relentless NPR hostess during the fall fund raising campaign, but thanks for supporting the legitimacy of blogging and other social media, and confirming their importance in contemporary art discourse.

Please send letters to:
Sharon Butler
Department of Visual Arts
Eastern Connecticut State University
83 Windham Street
Willimantic, CT 06226

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