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Are you familiar with Amazon’s electronic book called the Kindle? I want one. The online Kindle Store, accessible through the Kindle itself, features a couple hundred thousand books, available instantly for around ten bucks each. If traveling, load the Kindle up with books on your reading list and hit the road– so much easier to carry than a sackful of ink-on-paper. Forgot your reading glasses? No problem. The Kindle’s type size is adjustable. Newspaper and magazine subscriptions for publications like the NY Times and the New Yorker are available, and blogs, which cost about 1.99 cents for each subscription, can be downloaded, too. Unlike RSS readers which often only provide headlines, Kindle blog feeds provide full text content and images, and are updated wirelessly throughout the day. The cost of the wireless connection is included in the price, which is about $350. The choice of art blogs available for Kindle is growing.

Update: As of May 15, 2009, Two Coats of Paint is available on Kindle.


  1. c-mon has left a new comment on your post :

    the link to the amazon thing is weird because it’s not a page that lists terms. this one might be better.

    thanks for being so on this, sharon!

  2. The only thing I didn’t like about the process (amazon page) of registering is the fact the form wanted my social security number or tax number. No. I don’t think so. I understand the reasoning and premise. Now is not the time though. I just want to register my blog for Kindle. It did go through finally after enough clicks. Still, I wonder how many art bloggers might be put off by this.

  3. They can’t pay you without a valid taxpayer ID. For individuals, that’s an SSN (or an assigned tax number if you are a non-citizen).

    I doubt they’ll activate your blog listing if they have no way to pay you (could be wrong, maybe they’ll just keep your funds for you, until you complete the registration).

  4. We just had our application accepted by Amazon for

    You can get the Kindle Feed here:

    The process was relatively painless, aside from the tax ID. Team

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