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Studio Update: So long, little shack

When I recently vacated my summer studio shack at Habitat For Artists, Simon Draper, creator/curator of the unusual HFA residency project in Beacon, NY, asked me to write a brief essay on my experience. It’s longer than my usual posts, and some of it may sound familiar from earlier Studio […]


Studio Update: Summer progress

Summer is usually a productive season for those of us who teach, but inevitably some things remain unfinished because gauging the time needed to complete certain tasks, especially painting, is impossible. Nevertheless, I got a lot done. Painting:In Beacon, NY, I participated in Simon Draper�s Habitat for Artists shantytown residency […]

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Studio update: Unplugged in Beacon

Contributed by Sharon Butler / In the July/August issue of The Atlantic Nicholas Carr wonders how the Internet is affecting our brains. “What the Net seems to be doing is chipping away at my capacity for concentration and contemplation,” he writes. “My mind now expects to take information the way […]


The importance of resourcefulness

In the June issue of Chronogram Beth Wilson writes about the artists’ shantytown where I’ll be working this summer. “Down in Beacon, and running through the rest of the summer, master shed builder Simon Draper has come up with a brilliant extension of his ecologically-inspired ‘right-sizing’ aesthetic with ‘Habitat for […]

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Lost in Space: Art Post-Studio

This essay, which examines the evolving studio needs and expectations among contemporary artists, originally appeared in the June 2008 issue of The Brooklyn Rail.——- Contributed by Sharon Butler / Renaissance artists were members of professional guilds, maintained studios known as workshops, and staffed them with assistants to help complete monumental […]

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Studio update: Itinerant painter

Contributed by SHaron Butler / Every professor has a wildly optimistic, first-day-of-summer-vacation “List of Things To Do.” Here’s mine. The most significant decision has been to continue working out of my cramped room in the attic rather than rent a proper studio. In a larger space, I could work on […]