Ron Gorchov: Fields of color floating

Harry Swartz-Turfle of Daily Gusto reports on Ron Gorchov’s lecture at the Studio School. “Speaking at the NY Studio School last night, artist Ron Gorchov recalled seeing a frustrated painter friend kicking work off a balcony in the mid-1960s. At that moment it occurred to Gorchov that ‘It’s important to do something you really want to do.’ For Gorchov, the elusive goal has been to get fields of color to float in a room. At 78, he feels like the work he’s doing is the ‘most fluent and fertile of my life.’

“Gorchov first came to New York in 1953, meeting Mark Rothko on his second day here. It was a different time, he explained, and meeting famous artists was as easy as going to their bars. At the end of meeting Rothko, Gorchov made an overture and said they should get together soon. Rothko balked, saying ‘No. Have a few gallery shows. It’s a small place, and we’ll meet.’

“When Gorchov tried to get an introduction to John Russell through a mutual friend, the friend said no. ‘Nobody would introduce each other,’ Gorchov explained. The atmosphere was competitive. ‘They were all jealous of each other.’ Read more.

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